Here I Come

Here I Come

A Chapter by *Evelen*

          I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warm air on my wings. It felt so good and calming. I almost forgot that I was looking for a killer. “The demons name was Zax. He has killed three angels so far and is after another one. He name is Isabella. His description; fire like red shaggy long hair, 6’5 in height, chalk white skin, and how could you forget the red blood thirsty eyes.” I whispered to myself as if scared that I had forgot it, like I had with everything else.

          I felt a hand pat me on my shoulder. “Good job.” Malrik approved of my description. I open my eyes and smiled at him happy to be praised. He smiled back and moved my hair from my face.

             Kire moved gracefully besides me not even making a noise. “Isabella is here. She’s close enough that I can hear her thoughts.” He informed me as his head was tilting only a hair to the left.

I turned around and looked through the forest. The trees toward over us and swayed with the motion of the wind. It was so beautiful, free, and wild. I waited to see white wings and a girl running towards us with Zax fallowing right at her heels.

“How is she?” I whispered to Kire while keeping my eyes at the path she’s supposed to appear at.

Kire listened to something that Malrik and I couldn’t hear. “Her wing it hurts badly, and she’s getting tired.” He answered as I got anxious. I wanted to save her.

I could hear faint snapping of twigs and before I could even stop myself my body ran toward the sound- toward the girl in trouble.

“Evelen!” Malrik yelled after me, but I was too far to stop. I could see small white wings racing in my direction and hear faint poundings of bare feet on grass. I was almost there.

© 2011 *Evelen*

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Thanks for reading:)

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This is great. I want to read more! ;D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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In my own little world

Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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