Confusion and Mishaps

Confusion and Mishaps

A Poem by *Evelen*

Narrative poem



The room was quiet,

the atmosphere thick.

They all sat and stared

in silence…


Only two people standing;

One a girl with a hard glare,

the other a boy

with a shocked stare.


She hated him with all her might,

at least that’s what she wished for

all the time.


He was a jerk,

so mean and cruel.

He picked on her all the time

for no reason at all.

What she had just said

shocked them all.


His fists they curled at his sides

She stood there with tears

running from her eyes.

The boys face softened as they fell.


She turned her back to him

with her hands covering her face.

She started to mumble words

that could never be replaced.


“You watched me as I started to fall.

You didn’t even flinch to try and save me at all.

You gave me no warning to this pain.

You just laughed and walked away,

Just leaving me broken.



I love you all the same.”


The boy was shocked.

His eyes covered in pain.

He wasn’t quite sure

what all to say.

He knew what he done,

yet he couldn’t take it away.



His lips they moved to explain

all his made believe lies

that he always told her all the time.


“When I said I loved her,

I really meant chase me.

When I said you’re beautiful,

I really wanted you to kiss me.

When I pretended not to care

That you were slowly fading,

I really wanted to say the words

That lingered on my lips,

But I was scared.”


“I never wanted to feel this way.

I never asked to feel my heart break

By just watching those tears

Slide slowly down your beautiful face…

I never  asked to feel this way.”



The boys cheeks were red,

And felt as if he was dead.

Her silence drown on

As her tears slowly ceased to fall.


Her glare still on her face,

Uncertain of the words

That left the liars lips.

Yet she felt her heart beating,

wanting the words to have some meaning.

She didn’t know what to say.

Her voice slowly came out

weak and scared.


“I can’t tell the lies from the truth.

How in the hell do you think

I can believe you?

You broke my heart

more than I can count.

I won’t let you do it again.”



The boys face tangle with


What else could he say?

The girl she slowly started

to walk away…


The boys’ feet fallowed her,

yet she pushed him away.

She continued to walk,

confused by past lies.

The boy saw the tears

in her eyes.


His heart it pained him,

His bottom lip

clutched between his teeth,

frustration in his eyes.

He only knew one thing to do.

Yet his air got stuck in his throat,

And he watched as she

Walked out the door.



He froze in silence,

wanting to move.

Yet, not use to

the awful feeling.


For moments longer

Silence choked the room.

He could hear her foot steps

Slowly fading… ClickClick…..Click.


With his feet sliding-inching,

He swallowed hard,

and darted through the door.

His breaths in huffs.

He felt his heart beat faster

as she got closer.

His hands they reached

and grabbed onto hers’.

Then he said words

that had to be heard. 


“I know I’m a jerk

who’s not good with words,

and is hard to get.

I know you deserve better.

Call it selfish,

Call it greedy.

But I want you to be mine.

I want you to love me.


The tears ran from

The girls eyes,

 and the boys arms

 went around her.

Her face to his chest,

The words “I love you”

Lingered in their heads.


© 2011 *Evelen*

Author's Note

Thank you for reading:)

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