A Poem by Mike Espinosa

I sat in my room,
perched on the throne,
surrounded by darkness.
Couldn't see the walls that encased me,
nor my own hands,
nor a way out.

I couldn't discern objects,
but I saw shapes.
No light-
but the darkness on my left
differed from that on my right.
I couldn't trust my sight;
my mind was racing.
I closed my eyes-
the darkness remained.

I started to sweat.
There was no air left;
none that I could find.
I started getting up,
but I didn't know where to run.
The walls were moving away from me.
I could hear them dragging on the floor.
I could no longer tell what was sweat
and what were tears.

In that void of silence,
I cried without sound.
Tears rolled down,
enough to fill the room.
I tried to swim for an exit,
but only found the ceiling.
I started to drown in my despair.
I started thinking-
maybe it was time.

I accepted death that day.
Life had grown too heavy for my shoulders.
I couldn't go on. So,
I exhaled.
A small light showed.
A tunnel?
A piece of hope?
Too late for the latter.

The bubbles floated upward,
and turned back to me as they assented.
Seeing if I would take them back.
They saw the discontent in my eyes
and strayed away-
like everyone else did long ago.

© 2010 Mike Espinosa

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I quite like the narration, the 1st person point of view.
it doesn't rhyme, yet it's got a rhythm.

maybe you feel like you're getting nowhere, or everybody abandoned you and got out before it was too late.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 2, 2010
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