the dream of the lovers and their echo.

the dream of the lovers and their echo.

A Poem by mikl paul

the dream of the lovers and their echo.

mikl paul


sounds of falling down   and the

   door swinging gentle through the

 light.         what one may ask

    from a heaving carefulness      or

the soul           spectacular in every pinhole

   yet learning how to love.        some cello

of the center of her chest           and

         if I asked you to describe our

skin   would you be forced to mention

   destiny    unbound        preserved   or

   a finding      expected after all of these

lost.              she says            if I love you

     and it is music       I will love you

  through the silent     music.


                whatever language your

hands still speak        

  every window left

  open       because we want them to hear

             our   spring   

     whatever language your     hands  still

           find      buried beneath my moon body

    as you eclipse    with your smallest weight

     every breath of flesh    your mouth decides to

glow.                   and what is this beauty for

               asks      the tattered sheet

       ask     the incandescent witness of

           asks    the perfect.


    she,    above him.      count  the ribs

count       the reservoirs of sun    along

                her breasts   rising     and

      I am      and    are you        making every

dream     jealous with the way you clench

     around him       now     as    your name

whispered    jagged from the crack between his

    lips      tells you who he knows you are

  while he      comes       and you know

       and the moth still settles      as

 you   settle.



© 2013 mikl paul

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There is no denying the gift in your soul for language and prolific description. This piece was intense; intense as the coupling of souls, the breaking of barriers and the coming together of tiny moments to make a whole that is undeniably beautiful. I have come to love your style, and I'm surprised more have not gravitated toward it.

"I am and are you making every
dream jealous with the way you clench
around him now as your name
whispered jagged from the crack between his
lips tells you who he knows you are" --this is a passage I can hold on to for a while. Nicely done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 21, 2013
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mikl paul
mikl paul

atascadero, CA

I live on the central coast of california and love to watch things move. Currently starting up Olivia Eden Publishing and learning how to listen. more..