An Artist's Rendition: Mascara on Canvas

An Artist's Rendition: Mascara on Canvas

A Poem by Arly Parent

there she stood
amidst it all
a part yet held apart

for her makeup held its place,
it's said,
to project this work of art.

It balanced the earth tones in her eyes,
smoothed the wayward lines...
made porcelain 
of human skin,
and stamped out all decline.

"It's a wonder that such beauty IS!"
cried out those who cared to see.
"Such makeup is a wondrous thing,"
"How could it ever be!?"

"It's perfect in every shape and form."
"Look how it catches the light!"
"The way it strikes the powdering is really quite a sight!"

and on and on
and so it went
the cycle continued forth

everywhere the makeup went
it garnered a report

For who could deny what all could see?
Such beauteous powder
such filigree
catching the light for all to see
a magnificent painting...


she was once somebody's daughter
now she's known throughout the world
everyone remembers the canvas
but who would know the girl?

© 2013 Arly Parent

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Added on March 30, 2013
Last Updated on December 6, 2013
Tags: Makeup, Identity, Self, Self-Esteem
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Arly Parent
Arly Parent

Lantana, FL

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