A Poem by Arly Parent

If I could take a selfie of my soul
I wouldn't post it on facebook
It would burn out eyballs, computer screens, and make you replace the sockets...
in your wall
It would be beautiful
but it would hurt
It'd be beautiful the way a bluejay with a broken wing is beautiful
the way a 3 legged dog playing is beautiful
the way every buzzfeed article is beautiful...when you realize it's just for clicks
My selfie would be beautiful...
and lumpy
lumpy the way oatmeal is lumpy
lumpy the way your throat is lumpy when your mother says to eat because she just isn't hungry...again...for the 3rd day this week
the way the grooves in the palms of your hands are lumpy
to the back of your knuckles inside your closed fist
I don't know
maybe everyone won't find it that beautiful
I think it nice but...
it's a little torn and beaten up and dirty
Well-worn with use but sweet
Like that old journal you used to keep
the one from middle school where you used to write down your crushes and play MASH and try out last names
the one that girl who used to be annoying would doodle little hearts that were somehow just too much trouble to cover up
The way That was beautiful
even after the day you stopped writing in it

© 2015 Arly Parent

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Added on February 1, 2015
Last Updated on May 8, 2015


Arly Parent
Arly Parent

Lantana, FL

There's nothing about me. I play with pauses as well as silence. I write words, assign meanings and junk, and play with a language that might be as much my own as another. I don't know. more..