Milly's Journal - Chapter 2 - "A New Home - A New Beginning"

Milly's Journal - Chapter 2 - "A New Home - A New Beginning"

A Chapter by Milly's Journal

The Michaelson family arrive at their new home. They see a mysterious neighbor at the house next door.


Milly's Journal


Chapter 2

"A New Home - A New Beginning"


 (Please remember to read the footnotes at the end of the chapter.)


(1)Dear Dad,

Well we're here. We're now at our new house. I'm sitting on the steps of the front porch and Mom and Louis are in the kitchen eating a late lunch...ham sandwiches. Mom made up a few real quick to take with us before we left this morning. I'm not hungry and we're going to be very busy all day today moving our things into the new house. So I'm taking this free time while I have it to write to you. I did have a little bite of breakfast early this morning, but with all that's going on today, I just haven't had much of an appetite.


I was only able to sleep for about an hour last night after I ended my first letter to you. Actually it seemed like I had just layed down when I suddenly heard Mom come into my room to wake me up to get ready to leave. All three of us didn't say hardly a thing to each other as we packed the last few things into the car. The moving van with all of our big things had left earlier, but we wanted to stay a few extra minutes to be sure we didn't leave anything behind.


Finally after we were sure we had gotten everything, we knew it was time to go. And we walked out the front door for the very last time. Mom called Max and he came running happily to her side, his tail wagging. Obviously he was the only one feeling happy this morning. I'm sure he had no idea what was going on.


Louis walked ahead of me. I noticed he kept looking back at our house several times with the most heartbreaking look on his face. He walked up to Mom's side and she put her arm around his shoulders and led him to the car. I walked behind them, but I wanted to walk very slowly because I really didn't want the short walk from the front door to the car to end. I just couldn't look back because I knew that behind me was the place I felt warm and safe. The place where I truly knew I belonged. The place I call my home. And I just couldn't look back at that kind of place knowing I was never going to be able to return there.


Then I just stared at the ground as I walked, feeling too sad to even look up anymore.


Max barked happily and jumped into the backseat beside Louis and I got into the front seat. I could feel the heaviness in my chest grow stronger as well as the pain in my throat as I fought with all my might to keep the tears from coming. It's not easy to do.

Mom got in the driver's seat and closed the door. She sat there quietly for a moment. After a bit I could hear her take a deep breath and start the motor.


For the next few seconds we just sat there, still not saying a word to each other. We knew we were all taking a big step to the beginning of a new life. And we knew it was going to be one of the hardest things we had ever done.


After a few more seconds of silence, I heard Mom say "Let's go." and we pulled out of the driveway and started down the street.


(2) That's when I couldn't hold back anymore. I decided I couldn't fight to hold it back in any longer and to just let the tears come. I had to. So I just let it all out. And for about the next ten minutes or so, I cried and cried and cried! Oh Dad I hadn't cried that hard since the day we found out you had died, as well as the day of your funeral. I cried so hard my whole body was shaking. I felt like my whole life was ending right in front of me. And everything that had made me happy, everything I had loved was being ripped away from me and I was never going to get them back. I know my crying lasted long and was loud, but I didn't care what Mom or Louis thought of it. I just had to let it out Daddy! I just had to let all of this pain and heartache out!


Then I felt Mom reach over and gently take my hand. She continued to hold my hand for the next few minutes. Her hand felt so warm, so loving till I started to calm down a little and my tears became less. It really is amazing what the touch of a hand can do. Especially if it's the hand of someone you dearly love.


After a few more minutes, the tears finally began to stop and I looked over at her. With my eyes still blurred from the tears, I was able to see her give me a weak smile and mouth the words, "I know." I think she was telling me she knew exactly how I was feeling. Oh Dad, if anyone could understand the pain I was feeling at that moment it was her. I started to remember how blessed I am to still have her in my life. I can't help but thank God for her. Because if I ever lost her too, like I lost you, I don't know what I'd do.


I looked in the backseat to see if Louis was OK. He was still very quiet and looking out the window while petting Max who was sitting by his side. Knowing that I still had family with me helped me to feel a little better. I love Mom and Louis so much Daddy! I don't know where I'd be without them!


The drive was a long and sad one. Especially without you Dad! The only other times we took long car rides were when we went on vacations. And you were always with us. So this drive was very different and so sad. As the stretch of road in front of us seemed to never end, I couldn't help but remember how fun long car rides used to be because you would make them fun for us Dad. You would always get us started singing these crazy little songs. And we'd end up laughing so hard sometimes that many songs couldn't be finished. And remember the fun games we'd play together Dad? (3) Like counting Volkswagen Beetle cars. It was a contest between Louis and I to see which one of us could spot and count the most. Actually you made up the game Dad. And as stupid as I thought the game was, it ended up being so much fun! Because there would be more Volkswagens out on the roads than you thought! Blue ones were always extra points! Anyway, at one time during the trip I considered asking Louis if he wanted to play the game but I don't know...I myself wasn't really in the mood and I don't think he was either. He did have a few of his toy soldiers in the backseat with him, and I could hear him making the toys have conversations with each other for awhile. So I just left him alone.


But even if we did sing songs and play games there would be no fun in them without you Dad! We did turn on the radio and listened to music for awhile. But other than that, the whole ride was mostly very quiet.


We finally arrived at our new house about mid afternoon. The moving van was already here and waiting to be unloaded. We managed to move in a few small things into the house but shortly after that we stopped for lunch. Except of course I'm writing this instead of eating.


Dad I wish there was a way you could see this house! The first thing Mom did when we pulled into the driveway was ask us what we thought. Compared to back home, this one looks very big! It's a two-story, but it looks kind of old. I told Mom I thought it looked nice. Honestly, I'm not really sure what I think of it just yet. But it's sure going to take some time getting used to. Mom asked Louis what he thought also. I looked back at him and he was just staring at the new house not saying a word or showing much emotion. I ended up answering for him telling Mom that I thought he liked it.


The first time we went inside we stood at the door for a few seconds and looked around. The inside looks like it hasn't been kept up in a very long time. It's dusty and dirty, and some places on the walls have paint peeling off of them. So it looks like we have a lot of cleaning to do ahead!


Mom went looking for the light switch and Max started to run from room to room smelling out every corner and everything he could get his eyes on. I wonder how long it will be before he realizes this is going to be his new home?


Mom led Louis and me upstairs to show us our bedrooms. And get this Dad..there's only one bathroom in this whole house! I groaned when she told us. Now that is something I'm pretty sure I'll never get used to or like!!


Louis found his room on his own. He had his toy gun with him and was pointing it around his room acting like someone evil could be hiding somewhere. He immediatly pointed it behind his door thinking someone might've been there to jump out at him. He had to be sure he was safe before he entered. But that's Louis for you!


Mom showed me my new bedroom. I cringed when I saw the wallpaper had pictures of football players on it. She must have seen my pained expression on my face because she then told me that the family who lived here before us had only two boys and no girls...which explains the boy themed wallpaper. Oh boy!! (Sarcasm!)...Otherwise I think my room will be OK. Still, I'd much rather be in my real home. I don't know if I'll ever feel that this one is my real bedroom now, or if I'll ever feel this is my actual home. But I do know if you were here Dad, Wherever we'd go, any house, no matter what city it was in would be my real home!


I brought (4) Penny inside and put her cage in the far corner of my room. She chirped and happily hopped around in her cage as if she had no care in the world! Nothing seemed to matter to her. I stood there and watched her for awhile. I began to wonder what it was like to be her. I know that sometimes pets like dogs and cats can sense something is different or if someone is grieving. But I wonder if birds can sense things like this in people too? Because Penny sure acts as if nothing is wrong. So I'm not sure she has any idea at what's happened. Sometimes I wish I could be her. Just to know what it's like to not have a care or worry in the world! Honestly Dad, I think it would be wonderful!


Ok Dad! Now I have to tell you about a strange experience that happened when I went to look out one of my bedroom windows. I'm not sure what to think of this. I noticed there was a blanket covering the window so I went over to take it down so I could open it to let in some fresh air. I also wanted to see what the view from my room looked like. When I did and looked outside, I saw the house that is right next to us. (All the houses on this street sit very close to each other, not like our street back home.) But Dad what I saw was so unusual and even a little creepy, it's made me almost want to switch my bedroom with Louis.


There was a very strange looking boy sitting on the windowsill of that house! A teenaged boy, looks like he could be about my age, maybe a few years older. But Dad something about him didn't look and seem right. I mean he looked a bit unkempt, is how I can sort of explain it. His hair was a bit messy and he looked like no one was taking good care of him. And all he was doing was just staring. Staring straight ahead with no expression on his face whatsoever.


I thought I should be polite and say something to him. So I smiled and said, "Hi."


No response from all!! He did look at me when I spoke, but with the way he kept staring, it was like I wasn't even there. It's hard to explain Dad. But there's just something about this boy that isn't normal.


I stayed there for a few more seconds waiting to see if he'd ever acknowledge I was there. But he never did. He just continued to sit there, still with no expression on his face not saying a word. It was like he was in his own little world. And even though I was directly in the house in front of him, it was like I was invisible.


Louis came into my room and came over to me to see what I was looking at. He looked at the boy a few seconds and then asked me what was going on. Believe me I wish I could've told him what was going on because I was really wanting to know what was wrong with this mysterious boy on the windowsill.


It wasn't long before Mom joined Louis and me at the window, and she too asked what was going on. I just shrugged my shoulders at her and looked back at the boy.


Dad if you thought all this I just told you was odd, this will blow your mind! gets worse!


All of a sudden, the boy, still sitting on his windowsill straightened up and slowly started raising both of his arms. Then he held them there, straight out by his sides in the air as if he was trying to balance himself while still staring straight ahead. Mom asked me again what on earth was he doing? Of course none of us knew, but we sure wanted to. It was one of the strangest things we've ever seen in our lives!


We saw that it looked like the boy wasn't about to move from his windowsill anytime soon by the way he was acting. He was really starting to make all of us feel pretty nervous and very uncomfortable, so we thought we'd better just walk away from the window and leave him alone.


Still I wish to everything you were here Dad! I'd like to know what you think of this boy, if you might have any ideas on what could be wrong with him. I discovered this boy earlier this afternoon, not too long after we got here. Even though he makes me feel very uncomfortable, I can't stop thinking about him. But I haven't been back to my room since then so I don't know if he's still there or not. Honestly..I hope not!! I'm not sure I'll be too happy having my bedroom that close to a boy who does weird creepy things like that. Actually I'd rather be as far away from this boy as I can get!!


Anyway, I think I hear Mom and Louis moving boxes around in the house so they should be finished their lunch now. Which means I gotta go join them and get back to work. It's going to to be a long, hard job moving everything in and getting situated, but I think we'll be ok.


I'll write you again as soon as I can to keep you updated. other thing. We haven't met any of the neighbors here yet. (Not counting the "weird windowsill boy,") but I've seen a few driving by in their cars and going in and out of their houses. I've also seen a few kids around. Some might even be Louis' age. So he might be getting some new friends soon. I hope so...he could use some new friends or even just one friend. Since I can't get through to him right now, maybe if he got to play with someone his age, it might help him get his mind off his soldiers and death and back onto the fun things kids his age normally do and think about.


And Dad, the same goes for me too. I hope I meet someone my age very soon. And I mean a REAL friend! And once again, NOT someone like that boy on the windowsill! I want any new friend but him!


But I know it sometimes takes time to get to know new people and make new friends. Especially when you move to a new city where everyone is a stranger to you at first. So I'm just going to give it all some time and hopefully we all will get to make new friends before too long.


Anyway, I have to go now Dad. I need to go and help Mom and Louis with the boxes and all the stuff to bring inside.


I'm starting to feel a little better now...but not quite back to normal,  But better.


I'll write to you again later. Until then...

I will always love you Daddy -


The "mysterious windowsill boy!" (Played by a very young Jay Underwood) :0)



(1.) Like chapter 1, the first part of this chapter was not in the movie. The movie begins when it shows the Michaelson family pulling in to the driveway of their new house. (OK, OK, for all you fans out there in the movie..actually the movie begins with a paper airplane, but since the Michaelson family hadn't arrived yet during that part, I decided to just leave it out.) Though the long drive to their new house wasn't in the movie, I felt I wanted to write what it would be like for the family as they traveled away from their first home without their father/husband. I wondered what they could be thinking or doing since it was a long car ride to their new home.


(2.) I decided to write how I would probably be feeling if I had to move away from my home, so I wrote this about Milly as she cried and let all that was bottled up inside her to come out. Sometimes it's good to let it all out if you've been hurting for so long. And I feel I would've done just like Milly did when we'd leave the driveway for the last time. Also, I wrote that Mom reached over and took Milly's hand. Yes she was driving. But I thought that would be a meaningful moment to have her Mom comfort her in that way so I decided to have her Mom hold her hand a few minutes. I know it sounds dangerous and both of Mom's hands should've been on the wheel, but just imagine that it was a straight road at that time and hardly any cars around. LOL! So no need for hate mail! :0P I just wanted to add a touching Mother and Daughter moment..OK??? Ha ha!


(3.) Ah...counting Volkswagen Beetle cars. If you thought this was a bit unusual for a game, I'll just let you know that this was a game my sister and I would play on long car rides when we were little girls. Our car at the time was a VW Bug, so we also would get really excited when one of us would spot a blue one. I don't think we had the extra points for a blue one though. But back then, (in the 70s, early 80s) VW Beetles were on the roads pretty often so most of the time we'd end up counting quite many of them. At least where we lived.


(4.) In the movie, the name of Milly's bird was never mentioned. Actually the bird had the fewest scenes. LOL! Many times I've forgotten she even had a bird! But I thought for this story, the bird needed a name. The only name I could come up with was "Penny." (And no...believe it or not, I didn't choose the name because I'm a fan of a band with a song with the name "Penny" in it.) LOL! I just thought the name fit! :0)


A Final note on Chapter 2:


I will admit I'm feeling very nervous now that I've gotten to the place where the movie starts. And writing this now is getting more and more difficult. I know there are many scenes ahead that will be easy, but there are MANY MANY scenes ahead that I have absolutely NO IDEA how I'm going to write it in letter form. So those of you reading this, please say a prayer or two for me because a lot of this is not going to be easy!!!! But this story is something I feel in my heart that I really want to continue writing, so I'm continuing on and will do my best I guess. But don't be surprised if some later chapters sounds really really weird or silly! :0)


© 2010 Milly's Journal

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Milly's Journal
Thanks so much to anyone reading this. I really appreciate it. Reviews are welcome although don't be *TOO* mean to me. LOL!

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