Bazil Brush

Bazil Brush

A Poem by minisla

Poem about my latest arrival. Called him Baz. His Story.


Bazil Brush


I had escaped from the cruel one

Broke loose the rusted chains

Had enough of the rough treatment

Must leave this suffering and pain

Ran as fast as legs could carry me

Over walls, hedgerows and fields

Found a hay barn a familiar place

 Shelter somewhere to stay warm


Overcome with thirst and hunger

Must have been travelling for days

My body was lacking of nutrition

Feet blistered skin peeling away

Woken early the next morning

Loud noises coming from outside

Afraid somebody had noticed me

Venturing in the previous night


Curled up behind some hay bales

Tried to stay quiet as a mouse

For I am never going back to him

Had enough of the struggle and strife

A stranger swung open the barn door

Approached me calmly as not to fright

Picked me up and drove me to the vet

Just for safety to see if I was alright

It was there I spent the evening

For the vet had to do some tests

They attached a drip for nourishment

Put me in a cage to get some rest

He left a bowl with food and water

Was hungry thirsty that’s all they said

Glad now I made the choice to run

Would take weeks to restore my might


Next day the stranger came for me

In his hands had some bags of food

Have never felt as loved and cared for

Not even considered any man being good

The stranger took me to his house

Thinking finally that I’d been saved

From the cruel one from which I fled

But could only for a few days


By chance the stranger had a neighbour

Who had room for one more dog

 Met him one day while out playing

He asked the stranger was I being fed

The stranger told him of my story

And how I was looking for a new bed

Hopefully in the coming weeks find my owner

These thoughts just filled my head with dread

He tried everything in his power

Even posted pictures on the web

Talked to friends of his to ask around

Of anyone looking for a dog poorly fed

No one yet has come to claim me

Been a year I've been treated like a king

So the neighbour finally accepted that

He now owns a dog with a massive grin

© 2014 minisla

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This is just too sweet, what a great story! I really appreciate the rhythm you were working on, hoping in revisions it will be more complete, because it adds to the fun of the poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks for your comments I appreciate them lots

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Added on November 7, 2013
Last Updated on March 24, 2014




Putting feelings on paper. I'm not one for reading excruciatingly long stories. Like everything in life short and too the point. No time for dilly dallying. more..

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