Billy the Grump

Billy the Grump

A Poem by minisla

Billy the Grump


Bills been here since the dawn of time it seems

In and out too and fro all had better watch out

Both man and machine working flawlessly as one

Care must be taken for Grumpy Bill the Forklift Driver is about


I’m vaguely reminded of Santa having an off day

Snow white hair and long bleached beard

Instead of bringing toys on a trusty sled

Brings toys to kids on the old reliable forklift instead


Says very little you won’t hear him shout

Seems to have lost all use of the English language

I spoke to him once and received only a low grunt

Just beeps his horn as if telling you to mind out


A mundane existence plain for all to see

He looks through you as if in another dimension

He assumes that the place belongs to him

Institutionalized just been working here too long


Only thing that changes is the length of his beard

As the old saying thick as two planks I think they say

His head must be spinning with the speed he travels around

Poor Grumpy Bill will be here till death does he part


In future generations many a story shall be told

Of Bill the Grump who was a forklift driver

And how his moans and grunts can still be heard

Been here so long he haunts the place to this day

© 2014 minisla

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Added on July 16, 2014
Last Updated on July 16, 2014




Putting feelings on paper. I'm not one for reading excruciatingly long stories. Like everything in life short and too the point. No time for dilly dallying. more..

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