Feeling the Earth's spin.

Feeling the Earth's spin.

A Story by Mirna

My mother’s soul originated from the ocean. It lives inside her. Her heart does not pump blood but it pumps waves running down her arms and legs and spine. When she’s angry, you would hear the waves’ splashes against her skin and see the sharks whirling inside her eyes. Her smile glimmered with the ocean’s pearls and her tears carried a dead sailor’s dreams and cries. And although she had it all inside, she still yearns for it to be in front of her eyes. She wants to see it, wants to stay beside it and hear it’s waves like how a person breathes air to remain alive. It was all inside her, yet �" she preferred to see it outside.

 Last week, we drove 5 hours to reach the ocean. She wanted to see waves, wanted to smell it and hear it. Though, the journey wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. My dad went through roads where our hope of reaching it was on the edge of a cliff. I felt her heartache. I heard it �" the sharks swimming rapidly and chomping off the seaweeds that guarded her heart. She didn’t realize it; she didn’t know that it lived inside her, yet everyone did.

I looked outside and hoped that the car would find it’s way throughout my time examining the roads, the world, and life. I saw a child with worn clothes begging for someone to play with him and paint the colors in his black and white world. I saw an old man sleeping beside a tree with no leaves and a boy running after a kite made out of muddy sleeves. I saw a dog getting tortured by kids whose mother is yelping for money from closed cars. I looked up and saw an army of birds creating a performance in the sky and the clouds were the audience that cried each time the birds said their goodbyes. I saw a flower blooming white with a name that’s unknown and nature dancing to a strange tune that humans cannot know. I saw mystery, I saw beauty, I saw misery, and I saw life. And nothing stopped; everything followed the law of time, following the earth’s spin. Like how students are instructed by a teacher to stand in one line, except- none of us see the teacher or notice the line.

 The sound of the ocean’s waves was snowballing in our ears and my mother’s tears were sucked back to her eyes by the fishes inside.

“We’re here!” she screamed.

I looked at the time and was stunned by how long the journey took, even though it felt quite short. For the first time ever, I realized what patience was about. When you take a break from your own world, and take time to notice the other one. Notice the beauty, the mystery and sadness. Notice that the Earth is still spinning; that humans are still creating unheard stories while nature is still creating unknown tunes. And while you notice, hear, see, and feel �" your own world is still alive. It’s still there; still following the law of time, and you have the freedom to enter it at whatever time that is right.

I saw my mother watching the sea with all her heart, all her body and soul. Like she had poured out the ocean inside her to the outside world, even though she never realizes it. And somehow, it reminded me of how I feel about writing. How it feels like to have your soul and insides getting pulled out of you and onto the empty page in front of you. How it feels like to achingly wait for the inspiration to come to you, like how my mother had waited in the long journey. Though, it will come one day, you will arrive there soon �" just not on the time you have planned to. And when you finally get it, you feel like you have been born again, like the universe has given you another body, another soul, replacing it from the broken one you had before.

I will never fully believe that it lives inside me; it doesn’t seem to be enough. I need to see it, I need to pour it on the page and keep it beside me. Because when I do, when I see the words written on the page, I will feel satisfied. I will feel the Earth’s spin.

I will breathe.

© 2013 Mirna

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That was a brilliant piece of writing, honestly. I noticed some punctuation errors but this didn't prevent me from enjoying the read. I have to admit that this was one of the best ways to describe how a writer feels when he writes something. You described my feeling in a way better than my own description. I don't know whether you're gonna continue working on this piece or it was just a short story that came to your mind. Anyway, it is really amazing. I checked your other writings and I can see you are more into short stories. I suggest you start working on something big. Choose a unique concept and turn into a complete book and then try to sell it. You are talented and I believe you should start working on some professional writing. And who knows, maybe you will become a published writer, someday?
Well done again. I'll read more of your work once I get a chance...
Ahmed Sherif

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you so much. I've always wanted to write a full book and that's actually my main goal ever sin.. read more

6 Years Ago

you are welcome
Wow! That was so awesome,The waves, the pouring, the born again effect, and upon the depth of a blank page waiting to come alive! I had a thought in my mind how you told me others made fun of you,I couldn't get that out of my mind with this read. Your a powerful writer you are.What I see is all you all inside you:) reviews don't matter,views don't matter. Patients is what matters:) I learned something of value I wanna share with you. At my dear friends grave side,I heard the pastor speak. He spoke on psalms 23,When I hear that passage I am tuned in. He gave psalm and story with the psalm,The story was about a man wanting to be a pastor.He went to a seminary school.He was excited ,yet threw the school he seen people leave and it hurt him. He finished school was asked to speak a funeral,he says sure with a smile. He asked to speak psalms 23. Well three pastors where also there speaking the same passage. The three spoke the passage just as it read with loud emotion, yet no1 said or felt ,no1 moved. It was the same thing with every pastor. But the fourth pastor spoke with heart and tears moving in such ways pouring with a breathless moment, When he was done every1 stood and clapped in awe. The 3 pastors became confused saying what did he do we didn't, An older man wisdom spoke and said, He spoke with heart. He knew the Lord was his shepherd nothing else mattered, God had molded this man in his image. When I heard all that it took me back to my best friends funeral service,3 pastors spoke psalms 23, every1 listen but no one was moved, Till a mire man stands with tears in his eyes fire in his heart giving his testimony in a story a story of his own psalms 23 a story that changed his life! Everey1 stood in awe tears and all clapping! For a long time I wondered why all this was why psalms 23 and ecc 3 lived in my life why,I searched forever studied prayed. My answer came:) Id ask my friend one time do you believe God does all for reason she said yes I sure do threw it all and to the end I know it will bring some1 closer to God,Well that's just what happen God answered me after all those yrs I had to give up see me God wanted me to see myself see what the shepherd did! It didn't take education it just took time:)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Glad I gave a smile, I only speak my heart and what is heard. I wish I could see that myself,but its.. read more

6 Years Ago

Aw, you're so awesome. you're welcome:)

6 Years Ago

Awwww well you are too so there:)

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