A kite is more powerful than the plane up high

A kite is more powerful than the plane up high

A Story by Mirna

"Don’t ever allow them to make you think that a starless sky is more powerful than the one with stars"

It’s sad looking at a sky without stars, it’s sad and bland and dull. And dark. It’s sad looking at it at night and not seeing the beauty and the art that could unknot the wires of your heart, it’s sad not seeing beauty,
It’s sad not to feel art.
It’s sad to realize that you cannot create stars, like how you create a drawing or a sandcastle, or wars. It is sad to realize it, sad to remember it, and sad to know that your mind is not that great after all. And what do you do when you know, and realize, and remember? What could you possibly do, when you figure out the truth?
No, you don’t do anything; you just sit and continue feeling sad until your mind, or yourself, or whoever else does it, prepares a new thought to add.
And now you no longer think of the sky without stars, and how it’s sad, but of all other sad memories that you once had. But the sky without stars is the saddest, and the darkest, and I know that because you tend to know more things when you write, but also because I am an orphan in a country that fights, or perhaps - tries to fight.
But the sky without stars is sadder than that. It is, and I will tell you why it is, but just remember to remind your mind that this will take some time. If you can remember, though, if you can remember better than your mind can.
-Having a starless sky is much like having no parents-.
The sky is still there, still alive, still holding the weight of the moon up high, and the view still looks wonderful, still beautiful -but not enough. Just not enough for the heart. You need more depth, more beauty, and in a sense, more protection. You need more art -and, you need love.
-Having a starless sky is much like the plane shooting from up high-. 
There is power in darkness, power in making you feel afraid, power in shrinking the size of every breathing cell and sucking out its air. There is power, all right, and power is great, power is wonderful. Power is dominant.
But it is not beautiful.
And if I can convince myself, convince my heart, or my mind, or whoever else gets convinced inside me, that a kite is more powerful than the plane up high, then I could, and I will.
If I can convince myself that a rock, big or small, is more powerful than a gun, then I can, and I will.
Because there is no power without beauty, dear reader, there is no power without a breathing heart. They can shoot the gun and drop things from the sky and destroy hopes and smiles -but that is not power, that is not a sky filled with stars, filled with tiny pieces of diamonds that can fit and join the puzzle in my heart. And don’t ever allow them to make you think that they’re powerful, that a soldier shooting a gun is more powerful than the orphan boy with a heart that pushes the rock out of his hand and a heart that moves the tears out of his eyes and a heart that can make your bones tremble more than a gun. Don’t ever allow them to make you think that a starless sky is more powerful than the one with stars. Because it never was, and I know that the sky is now dark, and sad, and dull, but it is not I that can create stars and rebirth beauty and peace, neither can the ones planning wars and holding bags filled with money (though they claim to be powerful). But I know that the same hand that created my heart will create the stars. For that is beauty, and that is power, and that is love.
Do you, and your mind, and your heart, now understands why a starless sky is sadder than having my parents live above?
-Having a starless sky is much like not knowing God-

© 2014 Mirna

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Very beautifully written. A wonderful starless sky.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

thank you :) xxx

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Added on July 27, 2014
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