When the sun meets the moon

When the sun meets the moon

A Story by Mirna

Trust the inside world.


You look at the sun and you think it only shines for you, and only you, and that perhaps, one day, it will stop shining because of you. And you look at the mountains like they belong to you, and care for you, and somehow you can feel their stillness trying to speak to you, or warn you, or protect you, and same with the moon, and the trees, and the sea, same with everything, everything you see.
But then you get older and you realize that you is not just you but you is everyone around you, that even the old man in the train and the little kid sitting outside in the rain can see and feel the same things as you do, that perhaps they have the same eyes as you, and perhaps they do, but not completely, not entirely true.
We, you and me, me and you, are now sitting under a tree protecting us from the wind coming through. Let us pretend that the tree is protecting us alone, and not us as in me and you, but us as in you pretend, and I too. And I know that in reality, in the outside world, it looks as though the tree is protecting us two, but let us pretend, let us pretend that it’s protecting me, alone, and you, alone. Let us pretend, and see how it goes.
Does it not feel wonderful? To feel that the tree is protecting me, alone, and you, alone, that somehow the Earth orbits because of one, and not many, not three or a billion or two. And it feels better, doesn’t it? Your heart feels better. But I’m not telling you to be arrogant, or selfish, no, I’m not that cruel, but I want you to get closer to yourself, to feel that inside you, inside your heart, there’s something, something that pulls the entire universe with it whenever you move. It sounds foolish, and confusing, but true.
Trust your heart, trust it because it needs to be trusted, and because it sees the world better than your eyes do. If the wind ever turns into a storm, or you meet an event that twists your soul, remember that that’s the outside world, and not the inside. And remember that the outside world is when you are sitting under a tree that protects two or when you look at the moon and it does not only follow you but follows everyone, everyone surrounding you. And I know that the outside world seems like reality but we’re not on this Earth to live by reality, but by what we feel.
Remember that the inside world is when you sit under a tree and it protects just you and when you look at the moon it seems as though it only follows you. Don’t remember the inside world to feel special, but to feel happy, in a way, happy that you have the choice of living two worlds, and that in one world, the universe is protecting you. And it feels wonderful, doesn’t it? You feel less sad, less hopeless, like you belong to something, and something belongs to you.
And whenever you look at the moon and feel like it’s following you, then don’t deny it; don’t deny your heart, because it knows more than you do.
And lastly, remember that a Creator exists in the inside world, and that somewhere inside you, the universe is pulled to serve you.

-Trust your heart if the wind turns into storm,
Trust the inside world, for it is the one containing truths -

© 2014 Mirna

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Touches me wonderfully. Wish to steal your talent.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

n'aww thank you so much! im so sorry i haven't been on here, i post more here: www.amonsoonofwords.w.. read more
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Samuel Dave

5 Years Ago

ok. I'll follow there :)

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