The Laughing Raven

The Laughing Raven

A Story by Tucker

Took fifty random words from Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" and reassembled them in a random short story, or flash fiction, as it is called.

     Upon a mid-December midnight, northern winds whispered the sweet melancholy dream of a disaster. My fiery ember of a heart did jump and thump, still locked in it's unborken chamber, beating against it's burned ebony black walls of a prison. Within the darkness my curious mind fluttered, searching past the silence and into the mystery bestowed upon me. In my enchanted little room I began to toss and turn, and with every turn and every toss I explored my ghastly, desolate desert. My lonely soul grew denser as every nook and cranny I found was radiant with a demon's master burden. Irked, I started muttering, I started fearing only the worst. Would God in Heaven and his sainted angels find forgiveness in my in my evil ways? Each rare syllable shrieked never quit resounding in my cave for it was in my buried grave I lie. With sorrow, I lay on violet cushions cursing the wretch of a prophet who put me here. Six feet above, a visitor cawed through his smiling beak, for the devil had arrived as a raven to laugh upon my grave, and death bed.

© 2010 Tucker

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I thought this clever and enjoyed it quite a bit. The language is a bit florid and the adjectives sometimes actually seem a bit random, but given the nature of the piece this is forgivable. I'd recommend a change to "...ember of a heart did jump" as "did jump" seems a little more "old timey" than the rest of the piece.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 17, 2010
Last Updated on February 17, 2010
Tags: grave, buried. raven, Edgar Allen Poe, death, morbid




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