A Story by Tucker

            “Why?” he asked, almost inaudibly, as he stared aimlessly at the solemn waves of the black ocean. The night wind gently caressed his cheek, feathering his hair back from his face.

            His female companion was silent a moment, breathing in the ocean air, as her hands silently fiddled with the rocks on the beach beneath her. She shifted quietly, getting comfortable in the rocks as she threw a quick glance his way.

            “Why?” he continued, still staring at the ocean, talking less to his companion and more to himself, “why can’t anyone see what’s happening?”

            The girl shrugged, looking down at the rock in her hands as she ran her fingers over its smooth surface. In silence, she contemplated her own questions and uncertain answers.

            “Why can’t anyone see what they’re doing? Why can’t they see what’s happening? Or worse, the ones that do see, why don’t they do anything?” he asked, irritation lacing his every word as he threw a rock into the hungrily lapping waves. “They’re like horses crossing a bridge, they’re afraid to see what’s around them, so they have to wear blinders.”

            The girl stared aimlessly at the rocks beneath her, completely still now.

            “Why?” he asked, his voice sounding slightly desperate for an answer.

            “Why what?” the girl’s voice came soft and distant.

            “Just why.” He responded.

            “I cannot give you an answer unless you tell me what you’re looking for.” The girl answered, avoiding eye contact as she stared at the ground and caressed the rock in her fingers.

            “There is no what. Just why.” He said simply, throwing another rock in the water to watch the eruption.

            The girl was silent.

            “Why life in general?” he continued, “why anything? There are too many questions, so I sum them all up with simply why?”

            The girl was silent for only a moment before saying softly, “Because God made it to be that way?”

            The guy finally looked over at his companion’s emotionless face, “But I thought you didn’t believe in God.”

            “I don’t.” The girl said.

© 2010 Tucker

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Simply beautiful, Tucker. I find the ocean scene quite apt: we've only just recently climbed out of the water and into the air. And there is no "right" answer, is there? Why, indeed! When you find the answer, please share it with me.

Posted 10 Years Ago

this was well-written .. though i believe you could have added more depth to the story. the dialogue could have been spruced up a little to convey a sense of urgency or confusion from your character.. . but that again depends if u wished it to be that way. i also believe that you could have used the scenario in this case to relate to your protagnist's true state of heart, i mean by drawing parellels between the two.
however, these are just sugestions, hope they are taken in the right spirit. cheers :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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