Truth of Friends

Truth of Friends

A Poem by Tucker

A shining orb, a beady black bead;

an inquisitive look, a striking glare.

Upon a mountain cliff I sit,

Upon a jutting rock I perch,

stretching out my paper skinned arms,

to imitate the bird's black veiled wings.

Caw caw, such joyful laughter,

caw caw I cry!

An outstretched arm, laid fingers flat;

A fist full of bread, my only sandwich.

A precarious teeter, a nerve wracking totter,

A flutter of wings, a flashing of beak.

Caw caw I cry

Caw caw, come here pretty birdie!

A c**k of the tiny black head,

a ruffle of the silken black kites;

Here here pretty birdie,

Have just one more tender bite!

Caw caw, look Mummy, look,

caw caw, Look at my friend!

A precarious lean forward,

an extended arm, offering the bread of friendship.

A still, silent bird,

a further, desperate attempt.

Caw caw, look Mummy, look!

Caw caw, I'm a birdie too!

A sudden grating slip,

A sudden forward lurch;

Outspread my wings, further, further,

But my naked wings fail.

Caw caw, Wings of faith,

Caw caw, Save me dear winged friend!

A sudden freedom,

An unbelievable soar, a life-changing flight;

An unstoppable adventure,

Onto the rocks far below.

Caw caw, my friend,

Caw caw, come to me in my hour of need.

A gaping wound, upon the blood soaked rocks.

A moan of pain, a groan of surprise.

A flighty shiver of black feathers,

Landing at my broken side.

Caw caw, my friend,

Caw caw, Please make it go away.

Ears deaf to the screams above,

Eyes blind to the numb bloody carcass.

A flash of shiny beak, pecking, feasting,

Devouring my insides like my only sandwich.

Caw caw, such mocking laughter,

Caw caw, why, why my friend?

© 2010 Tucker

Author's Note

quick write on random inspiration. Hopefully improve later.

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Added on September 16, 2010
Last Updated on September 16, 2010




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