alone in the dark

alone in the dark

A Poem by autumn

just a little free verse...

its so quiet
where are you?
not your body but your soul
its not surrounding me
its not warming the air i breathe
youve gotten lost somewhere
but like always my heart is with you
so baby im lost too
what is that yr searching for?
id do anything for you to tell me
i know your in pain
baby so am i
why is the only question that comes to mind
alone in the dark i scream aloud
did you think i was strong
baby you were wrong
i pace but still hurt
i cry til not one drop is left
distractions are my only friend
superficial though, they last only a moment
your gone and im fighting through every moment
fighting not to breakdown once again
have you felt the physical pain of a heartbreak?
are you feeling it now?
dont you understand the way i love you?
baby did you ever love me?
alone in the dark thoughts fill my mind
im overloaded to the point of despair
i cant take this anymore
please give me a glimmer of hope
id embrace it and feel some relief
but since you wont ill sit here alone
ill learn to cope with this horrific pain
one way or another
how did the most wonderful person in my life
turn to the one causing me such pain
all day long i try to get you to lend me an ear
after all this time is that really so much to ask?
i want you to know what im feeling
i want to know what your feeling
i hear not one sound from the voice i love
so ill learn to cope i swear i will
until then i will cry with every breathe i have left
and baby ill hide it from the world
no one will see the way it hurts
no one will see the pain in my eyes
no one but you who can read me like these words
please dont forget about me thats all i ask
ill find peace one night alone in the dark

© 2010 autumn

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Very profound and compelling. It would've been cool though if you made it a 2 part poem because of the length, yet if it was intended to be a long poem, it's still a captivating read. Great job. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 29, 2010
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I am a free soul who gets these tingles that urge me to write. It is the easiest way for me to be truly expressive. I enjoy that experience. I'm still young, but I'm very sure of myself and ready for .. more..

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