love revolution

love revolution

A Story by autumn

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Why is love the topic of so much art, music, literature, thought, and discussion? Have you ever pondered this? I used to do it all the time; I would wonder how one band could write so many songs about a girl or guy and how so many songs can express one feeling in so many words. I think people are constantly trying to define this word, love, which is not definable in words. Have you ever read the dictionary definition of love? It says something like: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Such few words to describe something so vast, don’t you think? This wouldn’t help someone who has never experienced love to understand at all. This is why this word can’t be dissected and written down in Webster’s; this is why so many have tried their luck at explaining the feeling. Love is some creator’s gift to the human race. I don’t know if I believe in the God taught to us in Sunday school, but I know there is some higher being who put us here and blessed us with the greatest gift of all. The ability to love and be loved is something so incredible, it deserves some thought.

I don’t think people have appreciated this gift like they could. People are notorious for convincing others they love them to get satisfaction of attention they desire that maybe they lacked in the past. Or maybe they just want the sex. Either way many take it for granted, abuse the power it gives them over others, don’t put any effort into something that can be so amazing; they turn this gift into something horrible and ruin other’s hopes of love. Didn’t anyone ever tell them the worth of love and how essential it can be to the beautiful life they desire? Maybe it’s the true key to success even more than education, even more than waking up early and pushing yourself to align with society, even more than all the self drive in the world. Did you ever consider that? I guess that depends how you define success. Do you define success as the amount of material things you can afford to have and how nice your house is? Is it the status you have in other’s opinions? Are these the only interpretations? What if success is just purely being happy with what you have? What if the key to finding and achieving this is love? True love lights a fire in you that gives you drive to do anything you want to and the support of another.

Why would anyone want to waste something so remarkable for mere selfishness? It’s a bit of a vicious circle; true love teaches you the ultimate selflessness but true love won’t flourish until you put the other person before you. Maybe this is why it seems love is stumbled upon often times. It’s like when you have hiccups: you have to break the cycle by holding your breathe or drinking water fast or even standing on your head. The chain of putting yourself first and only being self pleasing breaks when you stumble upon that person that changes you forever; everything smoothes out and you can settle into a rhythm without searching for something you haven’t found. True love is the piece of you that is missing and it completes you and allows never before felt peace and happiness. It seems to me people would work hard to keep love alive, but instead many people don’t see the value of this and ruin something that could have lasted a lifetime.

I saw an advertisement on the internet that was one of those stupid love games (as if love is a game) that said, “Is your love cheating on you?” Isn’t this an oxymoron? Of course your love isn’t cheating on you because anyone willing to hurt you like that doesn’t love or respect you. I know it was just an advertisement but I feel like there is a societal problem here that is leading to insane divorce rates and the responsibility you have being taken lightly. Yes, I said responsibility; when you chose to be in a relationship you are accepting the responsibility of caring about that person and treating them with respect and love because when they placed their heart in your hands they proved that they trusted you to do that. They are so fragile and vulnerable to you and you’re responsible to show them more respect than you’ve shown before. I don’t mean to sound preachy or bitter but I have known so many families broken apart and kid’s lives damaged due to the selfishness of others. I think that somehow parents need to begin instilling in their children the delicate, meaningful, worthwhile value of love. I think the intolerance of divorce in previous time periods was just forcing some unhappy people to stay together; I don’t think that is the solution but the seemingly normality of this epidemic has to be rethought. Love could quite possibly be the most powerful thing this world has to offer.

Imagine if the United States had nothing but selfless, loving people. Can you even imagine that? I don’t think it’s Ivy League schools we’re missing or technology we are lacking that is causing problems throughout this country. It is a lack of passion and love. The first people that came to this country had a common interest and passion to break from the power holding them down and create their own set of rules to suit them. The common interests and the love and passion are gone. Through generations, it’s been lost. Imagine if our world, or even our country, or maybe just our community could come together and form bonds based on passion and love, create a common goal. What if everyone lived by the golden rule and treated others the way they want to be treated. No more crime, poverty, causalities, domestic violence.

Think about this. Isn’t it what we all dream of? Why does it sound so easy but seem so damn hard for everyone. Why don’t people love to love others? Don’t they know we’d all be better off? Just thinking….

© 2010 autumn

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Added on December 1, 2010
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I am a free soul who gets these tingles that urge me to write. It is the easiest way for me to be truly expressive. I enjoy that experience. I'm still young, but I'm very sure of myself and ready for .. more..

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