Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Brendan

The beginning of it all.

     My story is very different, though it should be the same. I should be the rich twat that walks around school snubbing her nose at everyone except for the select few girls that are rich like me and the boys that are athletic enough to make the football team and good looking enough to be prom king.        
     I'm rich by association. That's exactly what I tell everyone. My name is Brooke Lynn Westhouse. I go by Brooklyn. I've missed most of the "normal teenage experiences" because while everyone else is getting drunk or getting laid every night, I'm usually spending time with my best friend Emily and her boyfriend Paul. I'm around Emily as often as I can be. She keeps me in check.         
     My father is a lawyer, so in financial aspects, my life has been easy. My mother is a socialite and is always “going out with the girls" as she calls it. Sometimes she even brings them home. Recently, my father has been “going out with the guys" quite often, but at least the only thing he brings home is his work. My father stays with my mother so that his business can get even more exposure and my mother stays with my father so that she can spend his money. I'm an only child, but I'm always ignored. This summer has been especially hard with them sometimes, since they weren't happy with my previous choices towards the end of last year. But the truth is, when I'm not around people that I know truly love me, I'd rather be alone.      
    The alarm clock goes off, and I want to die. Summer vacation was not long enough. I groan, grunt and fuss but finally I get up out of bed and stumble into the bathroom to wash my face off of the memories of everything that's been haunting me ever since school ended and summer began. I knew there was no point because as soon as the bell rang, I would have to face the nightmare all over again. Summer was easy. I didn't have to see anyone or anything that I didn't want to, but now I'm afraid it's back to reality.                       

     I went to the closet and stared at my clothes. I'm certainly not picking out a "back to school outfit" to make me seem as though I'm excited. My mother would enjoy that too much. I finally picked out my outfit. Nothing all that special, just jeans and a t-shirt with a cardigan over it just in case those classrooms are freezing like always. Isn't that funny though, I always thought that hell was hot.       

     As I'm putting on my foundation, trying to cover up that pesky zit that was not there when I went to bed, I hear a knock at my door, followed by a good morning. "Don't you look beautiful and all ready for the day." My mother said as she continued to walk towards the vanity. "Oh yeah, hot stuff. Let me tell you. Anyway mom, can we make this quick? I've still got to get ready some more." My mother nodded and handed something over to me. "I was just bringing your BlackBerry to you. You left it on the kitchen table and I kept hearing it buzz. I figured you might need to text the other girls about their back to school outfits." She said, smiling just like one of the Stepford Wives. Then her smile became even larger. "Or maybe you'd like to text Br..." Right, thanks." I said quickly, cutting her off before she could finish and grabbing the phone just so I could turn back around and hang my head.

     My mother always wanted me to be THAT daughter. Captain of the cheerleading team, president of all the social clubs, girlfriend to the son of the top socialites, and whatever else I could do to drive me up that same ladder she was on. I ignore it and I let her think whatever she wants, but some things are obvious, and one of them is that I will never be THAT daughter. "Oh!" She exclaimed, snapping me out of whatever daze I was in. "I'm going out with the girls tonight. I'll be gone by the time your dad gets home and I probably won't be home before he's to bed, so will you please tell him of my plans?" She smiled. You would think she would feel guilty, and maybe she does, but you really would think she'd show it.  "Okay, but can Emily sleep over?" I asked, pulling my hair back into a low bun. Bad hair day, of course. "I suppose..." She said, letting out a sigh and shutting the door behind her. She never liked Emily all that much. Emily's family is middle class and in my mothers eyes, that's simply not good enough for her or her family. But of course she had to be nice to her face and unfriendly behind her back. That's some more of that Desperate Housewife attitude she's acquired. But I don't focus on it too much because Emily doesn't really give a s**t. I checked my phone to see about that "buzzing noise" mom mentioned. I had a new text from Emily.
    Emily: Goodmorning starshine. The Earth says helloooooo! (:
    Me: I’m disgusted. I am not looking forward to this at all.      
    Emily: I bet you won't even have any classes with him.           
    Me: You have met me and my bad luck, right?                   
    Emily: You'll be fine! And I'll be there even if you're not.       
    Me: Thanks Em. <3 Pick me up?                               
    Emily: 10 mins!        
     I was jealous of Emily for two reasons. Her boyfriend Paul that always makes her feel like she's the only one in the room and her strong personality. She would stand up to anyone as long as what she was standing up for really meant something to her. I cave at everything. While I was laying on my bed thinking again of the nightmare I was about to face, I heard a honk outside. I put on my canvas authentic Vanz quickly and ran out the door and down the stairs before being haulted by mommy dearest holding a batch of pancakes. "Breakfast!" She smiled. "I can't mom. I'm late." I said, bouncing up and down with anxiety. I was just ready to get this over with. I never eat breakfast, but especially not today. I'd puke all over myself. She looked at the clock. "What are you late for at 7:30 in the morning?" She glared. "I still have to get there, find my locker, find my classes, it's the first day of school please cut me some slack." I said walking past her and out of the front door.

     Emily was there in her car laughing and Paul was there too, looking confused. As I quickly opened the door and plunged into the seat, I realized my head was in someones lap.

© 2011 Brendan

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I like it... I'm intrigued... leaves you wanting more so please do add some more :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Nice story. I really enjoyed it!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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