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Cutting. A girl’s biggest savior but also her biggest downfall. There is so much to know about cutting. Whether she’s cutting to kill or if she’s cutting for pain. Which way to cut, how deep, where will she cut this time. These question run through a girls head every single time. But the main question is. Does she want to do this to my family and friends again? No matter how good those cuts may feel to her, they are always going to hurt her family and friends. They care for her, a lot more then she’ll ever think they do. And no matter how much she pisses them off they don’t want her hurting herself. The poor girl learned this the hard way.


Mia, boy was she a beautiful girl. She knew she had flaws just like any other girl, she had her boy issues like a typical preteen girl, and she cried, a lot. There was always something going wrong in that poor girls’ life. Everybody has a hard child hood; some peoples just show more then others. Poor Mia was a thirteen-year-old girl with so much potential in the world around her, and so little confidence to show it off. When Mia was a young girl you would have thought she had a perfect life, always dressed in nice new clothes with her hair done up all cute. But no one looked under those clothes and looked at the young girl home life to see what really went on. Every day Mia would come home to yelling and screaming. Her father was an aggressive man. Never once did he harm her because he knew that there would be prices to pay, but she knew someday a hit or a punch was going to come. Whether it was from him, or even someone she thought she loved.

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I want to ask you something about this but I don't feel right asking it here. I am a cutter myself so this makes me want to cry honestly.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 18, 2010
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JustJordan. x3
JustJordan. x3


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