You Won't Be Alone

You Won't Be Alone

A Chapter by Mary Something--Or--Other

Shane and Calvin have been dating for a while, but now things are getting seriouse... Love, death, joy, sorrow, and fun, will Calvin run from all that? Can Shane stop him?


I knew he was in there—I'm not stupid. But apparently he thought I was because he still kept quiet. I was bored of playing along and finally just sighed and sat up in bed. "Calvin!" I shouted. "You're being a dumb-a*s! Now stop stalking me and go home!"


"What home?" His deep, calm voice sounded softly in the darkness. "I have no home."


"Then go finda nice cave somewhere and make some new friends. You're being way to over-protective lately, Cal! I love you but--"


"Do you?" he asked me, his voice as calm as ever. "You say it, but do you?"


Irolled my eyes and slumped back on the wall. He was the one that never said it! He was the one to afraid to even hold my hand in public! He's the one that freaking never told me anything! Grr... "I'd like to ask you the same question."


He stepped out of the darkness and into the moonlight. Histan skin looked kinda funny under his long black hair that hung over his bright blue eyes. He was so tall it was ridiculous! Gangly too, but I'd seen him with his shirt off and gorgeous didn't even begin to describe it. His black jeans, spiked belt and wrist band, gray T-shirt, and general all around punky, emo-ness all screamed, "STAYBACK!!" but I knew better. Iknew a lot better.


"You know I do."


"No." I sat up again and firmly looked into his eyes. "Idon't know. I don't think you've ever said it, Calvin! Look, if you don't then tell me already." I tightened my fists at that thought. No matter how angry the boy made me I was madly, utterly, and absolutely in love and addicted to him. The things he did to me... But despite all that I didn't want to be fooled. If I was waiting my time, I wanted to know. "Just get it over with."


I was looking down now, fighting my urge to cry in the fear of his words, and wanting to disappear more then anything in the world. Acold hand met my cheek and Iwas made to look up at him. "I love you more then anything in this world, Shane. Your insanity keeps me sane," he chuckled. "I'm not the best at a lot saying of things, but..." I grabbed his shoulder gently and pulled him towards me so that he was forced to kneel on the bed. "But..." His cold hands met my wasted. "But I need you. I need to be next to you and everymoment that I'm not..."


I snuck a quick taste of his chilled lips. "I know just how you feel, babe." Whether he'd ever admit it or not he was the sappy romantic one, leaving the craziness and sarcasm to me. :)


I combed though his hair to soothe him as he looked like he could just about cry, and we lied back on the bed together. "So, you love me? You really do?"


I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Yes. I love you, Cal. I love you more then anything..."


He turned his head and kissed me softly. My body suddenly took over and I lurched forward so that I was on top of him, roughing our connection. He gasped and I began to kiss down his chin, then his neck, and pulled off his shirt. "Shane—” He tensed. "We should stop. I don't want..."


His voice trailed off as I sucked at his n****e. Cal arched his back and made the sweetest, most sumptuous moan I'd ever heard. I lost myself in it, and started working my way down his chest and stomach. His skin was so cold against my lips at first, but as my temperature I hardly noticed the chill. I reached the waistband of his pants and fussed with his button and zipper, but when they both were undone he tore out of bed, toppling over on the floor.


I jumped up in panic. “Are you alright?"


"No..." He crawled back to be away from me. "Stop."


"I'm sorry," I apologized sincerely. "I should have made sure you were okay with it."


He shook his head in breathy laughing. "Shane... That's not it." I was bewildered. "It's not the sex. I've had sex plenty of times before and—”


I folded my arms over my chest and glared at him. "Oh!" I cried. "Because I just love being reminded of that, you jerk!"


He abruptly stopped laughing and was Serious Calvin again. "That isn't the point, Shane. The point is this..." He opened his mouth wide to reveal his long, shiny fangs, and then lifted thesharp lookingclaw with long shiny talons wherehis fingers should havebeen that used to be his hand."I don't want tohurt you."


I rolled my eyes and fell back onto the bed with a loud groan. "Stupid curse!"


He stood up slowly and walked over to me. "I know it's hard, my darling. But—"


"No," I sighed, sitting back up. "It's not hard. I'm just being a brat." He smiled and sat down next to me. "Whatever you are, Cal, whatever you're going through or...just...whatever, I'll still always love you."


"No matter what?" he croaked, holding back tears.


I looped my arms around his and rested my cheek against his bony shoulder. "No matter what, I’ll never let you face this alone."

© 2009 Mary Something--Or--Other

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amaz-zing babe!!!! can't wait to read more!!!! *so intense*

Posted 13 Years Ago

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