Personal Observation

Personal Observation

A Chapter by Jennifer

What I have seen.


     There was a time when I thought I was on my own. I was looking at the world through an orange bottle at a young age. Months before I moved to Boise and after I graduated high school, I have noticed so much.

     I remember spending some time with one of my aunts who happens to have an addiction to prescription medication. My aunt was working at a home for senior citizens in Emmett. There was a girl that would show up there late in the evening who I went to school with.

     Many students in school believed that she was a bully. I think I did run into a couple of conflicts with her, but I don't remember if she picked on me. I do not believe that she did because she had her own personal problems. If she did, her bullying was subtle.

     I discovered that she was going to the same child psycologist as me. She was pulling her hair out of her head. I never really noticed until then that she did not have much hair and that was what students picked on her for.

     I discovered that medication exists for every single emotion. It is as though Idaho wants their citizens to be zombies. If you show any sign of emotion, you are placed on medication. There was a girl that I went to school with who stated that she was on medication because she was too happy. More than likely, her parents were telling her lies to get her to take medication.

     It makes me wonder what this world has come to. Children are on medication when it may not be necessary. I understand if it is a life or death situation.

     When I watch movies such as Donnie Darko and Chumscrubber, I get angry. In both of the movies, the main character is a teenager who is being medicated. It is society. Society is so addicted to medication, we are raising children on medication. Why is this? Why do we condone with this behaviour? We teach children to say no to drugs, but we are giving them drugs.

     Some people become so dependant of medication, they abuse it. Does it really make you feel better? The only thing it made me do was forget and feel sorrow when I realized the reason I was on medication.

     Not only that, children placed into foster care are being medicated. Is that really required? Is child services listening to the child before placing them on medication? I am against medication. If I had a foster child in my care on medication and I know they should not be, the child would probably be taken away from me.

     It makes me sick to my stomach because I know I did not need to be on medication. I do not understand why we are forcing pills down everyone's throats. It is like we are getting everyone high to ignore the problems that are creating the mess we are in now.

© 2013 Jennifer

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Added on June 18, 2013
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I hail from the small village of Emmett, Idaho. I currently live in Boise. I have been writing stories since the first grade and have randomly published stories in the Emmett Newspaper, some collectio.. more..

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