No Children's Land

No Children's Land

A Chapter by Jennifer

Child left behind.


     I wonder why we live in a world where we have pro-life, but do not take care of the beings who are born. I wonder why there are people who exist who hate children so much that they are offended by their presence. We live in a society where it is okay to shoot children. It is as though they are a lame horse.

     Where is society going to be in the next 18 years? Should children fear for their safety? Should adults fear for their safety? Is anyone going to be safe? Do children feel safe right now?

     The verdict of Zimmerman is an indication that it is okay to harm youth. Had Trayvon been shot in Idaho, Zimmerman would have been in prison. I defended myself from someone threatening me with a knife and I got arrested. Society is backwards.

      Wasn't everyone a child once upon a time? I do not see how people can be hateful toward children. Unless they had a crappy childhood. Who has a pleasant childhood? I know mine was not pleasant and I do not hate children. I do not have children either nor do I really plan to have one.

     What are we teaching children if we are hating them? What are we teaching children when we let people like Zimmerman shoot a child and get away with it? People are making it sound okay. They simply change the subject, "Children are killed everyday. Children are being killed everyday by drones, how come nobody is concerned with that?" I wonder what Zimmerman would have done if it were a seven year old throwing a temper tanrtum. We are teaching children to be either aggressive or fearful. It is okay as long as it is not an embryo.

     Why can't people teach children how to get along? The negative behaviour is taught. It will only get worse if we do not start teaching children manners. It will only get worse if we continue to teach hatred toward every race, creed, and anyone with a sexual preference.

     There are people in defense of Zimmerman. There were protestors at the funerals of Sandy Hook. Nothing is being done. Would we be medicating children so they cannot see what we are doing? What are you going to do when the fog clears and the children see what you are doing?

© 2013 Jennifer

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I hail from the small village of Emmett, Idaho. I currently live in Boise. I have been writing stories since the first grade and have randomly published stories in the Emmett Newspaper, some collectio.. more..

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