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A Poem by Jennifer

Why are things like this?

Why did we ever have slavery?
We kidnapped people from their homes
We beat and tortured and sold humans
Why did we think they were animals?
Why couldn't we have loving relationships with each other?
Slavery was abolished 
Free people were left in a country that their families had no choice to be in
Why do we have the gumption to treat them like criminals?
They are segregated, hung, and tortured some more because of the color of their skin
They are human beings
We are all human beings
Same species
Why do we treat them differently?
Why can't we teach the children what happened?
Are you afraid they will ask you why?
How come you are not asking the past generation why?
Is the past generation asking why?
Why are their smiling faces in lynch mobs?
Why are there faces smiling at inhumanity? 
Why do we continue to smile in the face of cruelty instead of fighting back against it?
Why do you stand there with your phone filming it?
Why aren't you fighting for them?
Why aren't you fighting for me?
Why aren't you fighting along with everyone else?

© 2016 Jennifer

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I've heard it said and argued that people as a whole are a lazy group - meaning they want things done for them. And for a select few that likely has always been the case. But also many people thrive on personal assumptions of power and CONTROL - economic, social, political, and real. What is actually more powerful than controlling another sentient being? And thinking it through - such "people" banded together and made LAWS that everyone was made to obey to enforce the actions taken ...and the penalties WERE life and death fraught. Think on it again - History has ever been replete with Royals, Emperors, privilege - dynasties of BIRTH-right and serfdom. Democracy is always new and very fledgling... how often HAVE the slaves fought back and won and yet they (and WE) have installed the beginnings of their/our own aristocracies and political demagoguery... in place even today as we await our own demise.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

I couldn't agree more

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Added on August 13, 2016
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I discovered writing with a pencil at a young age when I didn't know how to even spell. I was taught to tell a story when I was in high school and even then I was writing intense stories. I love the s.. more..

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