Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Jennifer

    “Prom has been canceled,” the news said much too Magda’s disappointment. She was starting to feel crazy. She was tired of interacting with everyone on the screen. She needed to get out. She needed grounding.

    “It’s okay, love,” mom kissed her on the forehead. “There will be another prom.”

    “Stupid pandemic,” Magda muttered.

    Magna had a costume ready for the Halloween prom. All dances have been put off for the past year. She would was tired of staying home and reading books. The library hasn’t been open, so she’s been downloading books on her Kindle. She’s just fed up with devices. Computer screens were becoming her bane.

    “Can you help me with the yard?” she heard her mother ask.

    “Not really,” Magda muttered. Her cell phone began to ring and she saw it was her best friend Dana. “How’s it going?”

    “Sounds like you heard,” said Dana.

    “Yeah, but I’m not surprised,” Magda said.

    “So, I was thinking that we should just get together and do something else,” she said.

    “Like what, Dana?” she couldn’t think of anything fun to do.

    “Maybe we could cruise downtown Boise in the limo?” Dana suggested. “Julie said she wants to do that.”

    Magda nodded, “That’s an idea, but there’s nothing going on over there. I understand it’s like a ghost town.”

    “We could cruise around and get pizza,” she said. “Oh! Like maybe have a pizza party! The restaurants are still open.”

    “Yeah, that could work,” she said. “I can invite Trent. As long as it’s not a Zoom party.”

    “We could go to Max’s house,” Dana suggested.

    “Isn’t Max tired of being home?” Magda asked.

    “Let’s talk to them and see where it goes,” she said.

© 2022 Jennifer

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