Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Jennifer

    Magda called Trent after talking to Dana. She asked him what he wanted to do since prom was canceled. They came to the conclusion that they have spent so much money already so they wanted to go out and have fun with their friends.

    Trent picked up the limo and then picked up Magda, Dana, and Max. As they cruised downtown Boise, they noticed that it was a ghost town since the bars were closed. Even the Egyptian theater was boarded up. They ordered a pick up order on Uber Eats. As they waited at their favorite pizza restaurant, they open a bottle of sparkling cider.

    Max laughed, “You’re so boring.”

    Trent shrugged and handed him a glass, “We can’t bring anyone home drunk.”

    “We’re too young and we will get in trouble,” said Dana.

    “Can we have a nice evening together?” Magda asked.

    “Let’s take our pizza to the park,” Max suggested.

    “You really want to cause trouble,” Dana said. “The parks are closed.”

    “Not all of them,” he said.

    “Max, it’s too cold,” Dana objected.

    “I don’t mind eating here,” said Magda.

    The waiter approached their car with a box of pizza. Trent opened the window and accepted the delivery. They opened the pizza box and devoured the wonderful, cheesy slices.

    The limo was cruising again. They still had it for just a little bit longer. They were still restless since this was still a confined space.

    “What are you doing this weekend?” Dana asked.

    “Well, you know,” said Trent. “I think I found a portal in the backyard.”

    Everyone snickered. Max stared at his glass of sparkling cider thoughtfully. Magda could only think of homework she had left over and raking leafs in the freezing weather.

    “I’m taking a drive tomorrow,” Max said. The teens perked up their ears. “I’m going to Nevada to visit my friend my uncle.”

    “By yourself?” asked Trent.

    “Yeah,” said Max. “I’m 18; we are almost free.”

    “Can I go?” asked Dana.

    “I want to go to,” said Trent. “Can I come to?”

    “Can I go to?” Magda asked.

    Max thought for a moment, “Yeah, but you have to pay for gas.”

    The group cheered with glee. It’s been a while since they had done anything. There was no place to go. They finally had somewhere to go. They would gladly pay for gas.

© 2022 Jennifer

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Added on September 2, 2022
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I have been writing stories since the first grade and published a couple of stories on Biblioboard. I earned an Associates degree in Communication Arts at University of Phoenix. You can also find .. more..

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