Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Jennifer

    Magda made it home late. She headed up to her room. As she passed her parents room, her mother peeked out from behind the door.

    “How was your evening?” asked mom.

    “It was okay,” said Magda. “I was out with my friends.”

    Her mom smiled, “Okay good, I love you.”

    She hugged her mom, “I love you too. Can ask you something?”

    “Yes,” she nodded.

    “Max is going to Nevada to visit family, can I go?” she asked.

    Her mom’s sighed with hesitance, “When and where in Nevada?”

    Magda thought for a moment, “I forgot to ask. I can ask. Can I go? Trevor and Dana want to go to.”

    “Find out and let me know tomorrow,” she said and retreated to her bedroom.

    Magda sent a quick text to Max asking where the trip was headed. She went to her room and gathered her suitcase and some clothes.

    Her phone made dripping sounds: Reno.

    She grabbed her favorite sweater and put it into the bag. What else could she bring? She grabbed her solar charger and her Kindle and tossed it into the bag. Magda didn’t think she would need it, but it was a six-hour drive.

    This would be if her mother approved. She went to bed and got a good night’s rest. She woke up in the morning and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. Her mother was at the table eating yogurt while reading her book.

    “Good morning,” she said.

    Magda looked in the fridge and grab the yogurt, “good morning.”

    She looked up from her book, “Did you find out where you were going?”

    She nodded, “he is going to Reno.”

    Her mom nodded, “pack your winter clothes.”

    “Okay,” she said.

    “Are you bringing your phone charger?” she asked.

    “Yet, it’s my bag,” that Magda said.

    “Okay, you need to let me know when you get there,” she said.

    “Okay, I will call,” said Magda.

    Magda finished breakfast and retreated to her room to find her coat and boots. As she searched her closet for phone her phone chirped. It was a text from Dana, Max, and Trent.

    Max: You guys coming?

    Dana: Yes.

    Trent: Yes, I’ll pick up the ladies.

    Magda: Yes, I’m packing my winter clothes.

    Dana: Good idea.

    Max: Okay, meet me here at my place in about an hour?

    Trends: Yes, we will be there soon.

    Not too long after the conversation, Trent arrived with Dana. Magda kissed her parents and left for her trip. Magda was so excited. She was finally leaving the house after so long.

© 2022 Jennifer

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Added on September 2, 2022
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I have been writing stories since the first grade and published a couple of stories on Biblioboard. I earned an Associates degree in Communication Arts at University of Phoenix. You can also find .. more..

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