Planet Kit-Kat

Planet Kit-Kat

A Story by Jenny M P

A story I started in 6th grade and redid recently


It was the rainy season. It usually was. This year the rainy season was supposed to end. The year is 1998 and the place is a planet called Kit-Kat that my friends and I found a few weeks ago. We will probably bring more people if they are Aliens.

            My friends and I are real Aliens. We lived on the planet earth only until we were old enough to realize and understand who we really were. I found out that I was an Alien when I was twelve. My host mom (the guardian I had until I was old enough to understand the truth) took my two friends and I aside and told us who we really were. My earth name (cover name) was Jenny or Jennifer and my real name is Renesmee. My two best friends’ earth names were Amy and May. Amy’s real name is Ariel and May’s real name is Anita. They are identical twins but I can tell them apart.

            Ariel and Anita were born on July 27th and I was born on July 31st. We were all born in the same year, 1986. We had no other siblings (as far as we knew) and we are not even technically sisters but we are so close that we consider ourselves sisters. Our host moms are best friends.

            We left planet earth in a tie-dye UFO and nearly ran into a planet that we had not learned about in school. Even though we only had been through 7th grade science, we knew enough to figure out which planets were already there and which ones had just been discovered.

Ariel and Anita were arguing and I was driving when all of a sudden we hit what I thought was a meteorite but it was actually a planet. Ariel and Anita calmed down enough to say “whoa” unanimously and then continued arguing.

            I said, “Stop. Look. The planet looks deserted. Let’s get out and look at it. If you two stop arguing and can agree on a name I will let you both chose the name. You two are the oldest here and should be the most mature. What would you like to name the planet?”

            Ariel said, “It’s brown almost like a Kit-Kat bar on earth. Maybe we should name it....”

            “Kit-Kat” said Anita and Ariel at the same time.

            “Okay then. Kit-Kat it is. That is the perfect name for the planet. Anita, did you read Ariel’s mind?” I asked.

            “No” Anita said, “We just said the same thing at the same time. This is the first time that this has happened. Maybe it will lead to mind reading but at school I have seen kids who were not twins do the same thing.”

            “Hmm. So have I and the people I have seen do it were related in some way.” I said, “Let’s go exploring.”

             After that very little thought went into the mind reading as we set out to find a good place to set up a house. 

Later we set up our tent, ate dinner, and fell asleep. The next day we explored some more and Ariel found what she thought was another camp site but it was ours. We had gone in a circle around the area that we had chosen to camp in and ended back where we had started: at our campsite.

            Then one night Ariel woke me up because she thought she had heard someone walking around outside the tent.    

            “Renesmee, I think I heard someone outside our tent,” she said. “Can you help me figure out who is their?”

            “Is Anita still in bed?” I asked her.

            “Yes. She was the first one I checked on. I decided to wake you up instead of her. She had nightmares on earth all the time and she hardly got any sleep at all.”          

            “Okay. Let’s go and see who is out there.” I said doubting that anyone was out there, because the planet had been deserted since the day we got here.

            When we got out there, we found our old earth friends, Bella-Rose and, Abigail-Lynn waiting for us. We asked them how they got here and Bella-Rose said “By your UFO of course. We hid in your UFO until we had no more of the food we brought and then we came out to try and find food.”

            “Why did you want to come with us anyways though? How did you know we were going to leave earth?” I asked.

            “We heard your ‘mom’ telling you as well as Amy and May…”

            “The names are Anita and Ariel. If you listened long enough you would have heard that,” Ariel snapped.

            “Ariel,” I said warningly “you need to calm down before Anita wakes up.” Turning to our visitors I said, “She’s right though. Those other names were just our cover names. My real name is Renesmee. Are you two aliens too? If not, then we need to get you back to Earth. We need to go down there anyways to get some more food especially if you two plan on staying.”

            “We didn’t stay long enough to see if we were aliens. We heard that you three were leaving so we hopped into your UFO,” said Bella-Rose

             “Then you need to get back to find out where you really belong we have only been gone for a few weeks but they will have been searching for you. The government already knows why we left. They were the ones who gave us the host families and the best friends/sisters that we have now. When daybreaks and we wake up again, we will explain everything to Anita and probably head down to Earth after that. Now, do you have a tent?”

            “No. We slept in your UFO when we got here,” said Abigail-Lynn.

            “Ok, we will get another one of those while we are there. I also want you to see if anyone else we know is an alien. I seriously doubt it but still it doesn’t hurt to check.”

            “Ok we will check around our group of friends. Do you think that we are aliens?”

            “I don’t know but we need to get to sleep or Anita will be up before us in the morning. We don’t want that do we?”

            “No!” Ariel, Abigail-Lynn, and Bella-Rose said at the same time.

            “Ok. Then we need sleep. Goodnight ladies.”

“Night,” Ariel, Abigail-Lynn, and Bella-Rose all said.         

           The next morning I was up first like I normally was and I started breakfast after checking on the other girls. For breakfast, we had pancakes. At about 9 am Abigail-Lynn and Bella-Rose woke up.

            “Yum pancakes,” Bella-Rose said.

            “Yep. Can you wake Anita and Ariel up please? We need to get ready if we want to do everything we had planned for today.”

            “Yes I will wake them up.”

            “Thank-you. How are you this morning Abigail-Lynn? Did you get enough sleep last night?”

            “Yes, thank-you for sending me to bed when you did last night otherwise I would be very tired this morning.”

            “Renesmee, I went into the tent and they were still asleep so I woke them up and I think that they are getting ready to come out but I know that Anita was surprised to see me. She asked me whether or not you were here too Abigail-Lynn and I said yes,” said Bella-Rose as she came jogging back out of the tent.

            “We are up Renesmee. What’s for breakfast? How did Abigail-Lynn and Bella-Rose get here?” Anita asked me as she came out of the tent.

            “That is an interesting story and I will tell you on the way back to Earth. Ariel can drive that way I am not distracted by trying to talk and drive at the same time,” I say with a smile.

            “WHAT! We are going back to Earth? We have only been here for a few weeks. Why are we going back so soon?”

            “We have to get some more supplies. We also need to see if Abigail-Lynn and Bella-Rose are aliens or if they need to stay on Earth. We will be leaving in an hour so if you want to bring something to do, go and get it prepared now so we can leave on time.”

            “Ok. You are going to tell the story about how they got here right?”

            “Yes but that won’t take long and we have a 3 hour trip ahead of us.”

            “Ok. I will bring something to do.”

            As we talked, we got ready to go and packed into our UFO. Ariel got in the driver seat and I told the story I heard the night before. Then I got into the driver seat so Ariel could take a break.

            Back on Earth, we went to my old house and parked behind the house. We got out and went in the back door.

            “Mom, are you home?”

            “Yes. What are you guys doing here? I thought you were looking for a place to stay in outer space?”

            “We did and we found one. We also found that these two, Abigail-Lynn and Bella-Rose decided to stow away in our UFO and I think they might be aliens. I am not sure though. We need to get more supplies either way.”

            “Ok I will look into it.” Jasmine said as she sat down at the computer. “Why don’t you girls go to the store’s downtown and buy whatever you need and charge it to the card.”

            “Okay. Thanks mom. Come on Anita and Ariel. Abigail-Lynn and Bella-Rose, you two need to stay here with my mom so she can check out if you two can come back to Kit-Kat with us.”

            “Ok we will be here. What do we need to do in order to find that out?” Bella-Rose asked.           

“My mom will explain it all to you. Don’t worry, it is painless, I promise,” I said.

            Anita, Ariel, and I left to go to the store and got everything that we thought we would need for returning to Kit-Kat, including two more tents in case anybody else decided to join us in the coming weeks. We got plenty of nonperishable’s, like Ramón noodle soup and French bread pizza’s.

When we got back to the house, Bella-Rose was looking so excited when she exclaimed, “We are aliens Renesmee! We get to go back to Kit-Kat with you!”

            “That’s great Bella-Rose! Mom do you know whether or not there are any more aliens in the area that we know?”

            “Actually yes Renesmee. First though, the new members of your group need you three to know their new names. Abigail-Lynn’s real name is Adrianna and Bella-Rose’s new name is Braelynn. Now the others in the area who are aliens are Connor and John David. Why don’t you go find them and bring them here and we will figure out what their real names are. Braelynn, why don’t you go with Renesmee and the others? Adrianna, I need you here to help me with something.”  

          “Ok. Come on guys lets go find John David and Connor.”

            They set off in the general direction of John David and Connor’s house, as they knew the boys were twins just like all but one of their group. Meanwhile Jasmine and Adrianna sat talking.

            “What do you need help with?” Adrianna asked for she had no idea what Jasmine wanted her to do.

            “I want you and me to visit another person who I know is an alien and I want you to meet her before the others come back. We are going to make a visit right now. Her name is Jemma. I think she is Renesmee’s twin.”

            “I did notice that we all had a twin except her, even the boys that the group has gone to meet.”

            “Yes.  When I was put in charge of her, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I got an E-mail a few weeks ago, just before I told the girls, explaining everything I had to tell you two and the other three before you. Now enough talk, let us go and meet Jemma.”

            They left to go talk to Jemma and explain everything to her. While they were doing that, Renesmee, Braelynn, Ariel and Anita were talking to John David and Connor.

            “What!? We are aliens?” Connor was the first to speak after the shock of the news.

            “Yes. Everyone in the room right now is an alien and I have a twin who is talking to Renesmee’s mom who is also an alien,” said Braelynn.

            “WOW,” John David said. “Are you sure?”

            “My mom is sure and therefore so are we,” I said.

            “Ok so what do we do now?” Asked Connor.

            “Well we need to get some more supplies even though we just went to the store. Renesmee, do you still have your mom’s card? We should also get one more tent. Wow our group is getting bigger!” Said Anita.

            “Yes I do still have the card and yes we do need to get another tent because we only have three and with three sets of twins we need another one.” I said, “Now let’s go get what we need and see what mom and Adrianna were doing while we were on this errand.”

            Afterwards, they went to the store and bought more ingredients along with another tent.

            Jasmine and Adrianna went to Jemma’s house to talk to her. It went pretty much the same way.

            “WHAT!? I am an alien and a twin? Where’s my twin then?” Jemma asked

            “She has gone to find a pair of twin boys to explain to them the same thing we are explaining to you, and I think after that the group night go and get more supplies. I had her go instead of me because she knows the area where the boys are better than Braelynn and me. Why don’t we go back to Jasmine’s house before they get back so we can explain everything to both you and John David and Connor.” Adrianna said

            “Ok I guess but this is still a shock to me.”

            “I know I just found out weeks ago that Renesmee, Ariel and Anita were aliens. It was a shock to them too. They set out in their UFO and actually found a planet. Then Adrianna and Braelynn came out into the open when they ran out of food so they came back down here and asked me if there were any more aliens in the area. I didn’t want Renesmee to come here with the group because I didn’t want her to be so shocked that she had a twin like on The Parent Trap because she grew up by herself or with Anita and Ariel. Now let’s go to my house.”

            So they walked back to Jasmine’s house and just as they were settled down, the rest of the group came back.

           “Mom, who is this?” Renesmee asked rather rudely.

            Jasmine, turning from the computer said, “Don’t be rude Renesmee, especially when there are guests in the house. This is Jemma. Her real name is Roseanna. Roseanna this is Renesmee. Where are the boys? I need to give them their new names.”

            “They are right here.”

            “Ok. John David your real name is Jasper and Connor your real name is Colby. Now Adrianna why don’t you, Braelynn, Ariel and Anita take Jasper and Colby out to see the UFO and get all the supplies put away?”

            “Ok. Let’s go guys.”

            “Mom, what’s going on? Why is Roseanna here?”

            “Renesmee this is warning number two. Apologize please.” Jasmine chastised

            “Sorry,” I mumbled.

            “Now I want to explain something, without interruptions. Let me start by saying I had no clue that this was going to happen when I was put in charge of you. When you asked me to look up your two friends that stowed away on your UFO, I got an E-mail from the government. That E-mail said that when you were born you had a twin. She was separated from you when you two were born and ironically enough she lived in the same area as us. This letter went on to say that I needed to find her now that you were back for a little while. Therefore, I had searched for her while you girls went to get supplies the first time then I had Adrianna stay and help me explain everything to her while you were explaining things to Jasper and Colby. Roseanna is your twin Renesmee. You are no longer the only one in your group who doesn’t have a twin. Now, go join the others both of you.”

            When Roseanna and Renesmee went outside to help the others the group was almost done so they didn’t have to do much. When they were done, they went back inside and sat at the kitchen table. Jasmine came in with lemonade and sandwiches and set them down in front of the group.

             “Are you heading back today? If so then you should start soon so that you have time to do everything that you need to.  Adrianna, Braelynn, Colby, Jasper, and Roseanna, you should go home and get some clothes. Your parents have already been told what is happening so don’t worry about trying to explain it to them.”

            “Yes we will be heading back soon. When you guys go home, see if you have air mattresses so that you don’t have to sleep on the hard ground in the tent.”

            “Ok. What time should we be back here by?” Roseanna asked

            “About three o’clock please. Then we can be back by six to six thirty and cook dinner and get settled down,” I said.

            “Ok,” the ones that needed to go home said.

            “The past two days have been crazy. I can’t believe we have five more people in our group now. We hadn’t planned to tell anyone about the new planet we have found. I guess that is a moot point now.”

            “Don’t worry about it right now. Just remember to check your UFO when you get back in there so you don’t get any surprises any time soon.”

            “I will.”

            Twenty minutes later I had almost fallen asleep when I heard the door open.

“We are back,” said Braelynn.

            “So am I,” said Roseanna

            “We are too,” said Jasper

            “Ok put your stuff in the UFO and we will leave soon I just want to get some more stuff for me real quick and I sent Ariel and Anita over to get some more stuff too so we are waiting for them too,” I said running up the stairs.

            On my bed, I found a journal. On the front cover, I find a sticky note with this: Renesmee, I know you are still in shock about having a twin so I bought you a journal to write out your feelings. This one is not like all the ones you had as a kid though. When you are done writing, the pages disappear until you open it again. In addition, this one has a page replacement spell on it so you will never run out of pages no matter how much you write. You have to put in this password: truecatlover in order to open it. No one else can open it after you open it for the first time. Love you Baby, from mom.

            I stayed up there longer than I expected not wanting to leave the comfort of my room when I heard my mom come up.

      “Are you ok Renesmee? You haven’t packed yet. Why not? Ariel and Anita are back so they are just waiting for you.”

            “Yes mom I am ok I found this and I was reading the cover and I just got distracted from what I was supposed to do. I will pack right now. Thank you for the journal it is beautiful. I can’t wait to start using it.”

            “You’re welcome Renesmee. I actually bought it for your birthday and decided to give it to you early after I realized what had to happen after you came back today. Why don’t you get packed so you and your friends can get ready to leave? I will help. Did you want to bring more clothes, writing materials, or both?”

            “I don’t know yet but when we went and got supplies today we bought a washer and dryer combo and a dish washer. Will you be able to bring it to us and put a charm on the planet after you leave so that no one else will be able to see or hit the planet?”

            “Yes I will bring them up and put the charm on the planet. Right now, though we need to worry about the present. What would you like to take back with you?”

            “I guess I will take more clothes and my writing so that I can hopefully work on my stories some while I am gone.”

            “Ok. Start packing then so you can leave on time. I am going back downstairs to see what the others are doing.”

            “I just need to put some things into a suitcase and I will be down.”

              Ten minutes later Roseanna was on her way upstairs and saw that Renesmee was on her way downstairs with her suitcase.

            “What are you doing up here?”

            “Jasmine asked me to come up here and see if you were ready to go. It is three o’clock.”

            “As you can see, I am on my way downstairs.”

            “Renesmee, for the third time, stop being rude. I don’t want to have to tell you again,” calls Jasmine.

            “Sorry,” I say as I head downstairs. “Are you all ready to go?”

            “Yes we were just waiting for you,” Braelynn answers

            “Ok let’s get into the UFO and get ready for takeoff.”

            “Headcount when we get in because there are so many of us now,” says Anita.

            “Yes you are in charge of that. Remember that there are eight of us now instead of the original three. Ariel you may fly the UFO. I would like to be left alone until we have been flying for an hour and a half then I will switch driving with Ariel. Is that clear? If I get interrupted I will not be happy.” I say as I enter the UFO. “Braelynn can you please check the UFO to make sure that the only ones that are on the UFO are the eight that belong after Anita counts heads.”

            “I will. Are you ok?” Braelynn asks worriedly

            “I will be fine after a little while. Just remember that I don’t want to be bothered.”

            “We will. I also will be working on writing,” said Colby. “Is there a quiet place I can go to write?”

            “Not until I get done with my quiet time. When I am done and before I start driving I will show you my spot. It will be nice to have someone else who appreciates writing as much as I do in this group.”

            After Anita and Braelynn do their jobs, I went and got settled into my writing spot. After I give Anita instructions to find me after an hour and a half but not for anything else, I turn up the volume on my MP3 and start writing. The next thing I know Anita is telling me that it has been an hour and a half. Wow! Already? That went by quick! I think as I get up and show Colby the spot that I was in and take over driving for Ariel. I listen to the conversation around me between Roseanna and Ariel.

            “That was a quick hour and a half. Does it normally go by this quickly?”

            “The first time we went up here it seemed to take forever to get to Kit-Kat but that is only because Anita and I were arguing and we had no idea as to where we were going. I just thought that we were going to stay in the UFO at night instead of sleeping in a tent like we did but I was wrong and if I had been paying attention to where the UFO was going I would have known that. Anita and I did get to name the planet but I think that Renesmee would have named it that if we had not stopped arguing when we did. We did find out that we could read each other’s minds. I wonder if you and Renesmee can read minds….”

            “And that’s where this conversation ends. Ariel, Roseanna and I have not known each other long enough to do that,” I spat bitterly. It stung that I did not know my twin like everyone else in the group knew there’s.  I was bitter about it but my mom was right I need to stop being rude to my friends and to Roseanna. I need to get to know her better so that we can become better friends.

    “Anita, can you take over driving please?” I asked as a plan came into my head.

            “Yes but why? I haven’t driven the UFO before,” she answered with a frown.

            “Have Ariel help you. I didn’t have her drive because she just got done driving not long ago and it is supposed to be my turn. Ariel, will you please help her? Adrianna and Roseanna can you come with me please?”

            “Yes,” they both answered and they got up to follow me.

            I led them to a secluded place and I took a deep breath.

            “Okay, the reason why I asked you to come with us Adrianna, is because you went with my mom to explain this to Roseanna. Also, besides Roseanna and the boys, you and Braelynn are the newest to this adventure. Roseanna, as we both now know, we are twins. I grew up as an only child beside Ariel and Anita, and though they are not technically my sisters I considered myself related to them. The problem to this though is that I never had a real sibling. When I found out about me having a twin, I was in shock. I had no idea what to think of that. I was scared. This is not an excuse however for the way I have been treating you, Roseanna. I apologize. I want the two of us to become friends. We are not just sisters but twins. We need to get to know each other better.”

            “I agree. Your mom told you three times to stop being rude to me and though I see why you were being rude I was hurt. I do however accept your apology. I think that the way that the sleeping arrangements will work out will help us to know each other better.”

            “Yes. One set of twins in each tent. There are four sets and four tents. I hope that nobody else will join us. I do not want any more surprises.”

            “I agree although we were a good surprise right Renesmee?” asked Adrianna

            “Yes you were a good surprise although I would have liked to have kept the planet a secret. Oh well. All’s well that ends well.” I say. Then I turn and look out the window.

            “Look guys we are almost home!” I exclaim. Walking up to the driver seat, I see Ariel and Anita getting ready to land. 

            “Are you guys ready to be home? I know I am. I hope no one else found the planet while we were gone.”

            “I am sure nobody did. We will make sure nobody else finds it when your mom comes,” said Adrianna

            “I know.”

            “Brace yourselves for landing,” Anita said just then. We all hung onto the bars in the UFO.

            “Touchdown,” Ariel said as we landed.

           We got out of the UFO and got the stuff we needed out of the UFO. Then we set up the four tents. As we got everything ready for dinner and sat around the fire, I thought about what had taken place in the last 7 hours. It was a lot to take in. I was no longer an only child, I had a twin. Then I realized that Roseanna was probably feeling the same way. She had thought that she was an only child as well. I would talk to her after we got ready for bed. We had all placed our tents in a square formation. In order to talk to people from other tents we had to get out of our own. We put the bonfire in the middle of the square.

             As we ate dinner we talked about who would do which chores.

            “Each set of twins will help keep that tent clean. Split sides if you have to. I will do laundry once my mom brings the washer and dryer up here. One or two people need to volunteer for loading and unloading of the dishwasher. The last thing is we need a cook. I will do breakfast but we need someone to do lunch and dinner.” I said to the group.

            “I will help you with the laundry,” said Roseanna, much to my surprise.

            “I will do lunch,” said Colby.

            Then Jasper said, “I will do dishes. I will only have to do them after dinner, right?”

            “No we need them to be done after every meal. Don’t worry though. We will have a dish washer in a few days.”

            “Okay. I can also cook dinner at least a few days a week.”

            “I will cook dinner the rest of the week,” said Braelynn.
            “Okay. I will try to switch the jobs up a little bit, as the months go by. We also need to set up some rules that we all can agree on. I think the most obvious is nobody is allowed to sit at the fire by themselves after 11 pm. That way the twin won’t have to worry about where the other one is. Another is everyone is to be in their tent by the time Anita and Ariel are in their tent if it is past 11 o’clock and no later than 12 o’clock for those two. I doubt that we have to worry about anyone wandering away, unless it is me or Colby, because we are writers. I will however make it a rule that anyone that wants to be by themselves has to tell someone, whether that be their twin or the oldest person here it don’t matter as long as they tell someone. Does anyone else have any suggestions?”

            “No,” they all said.

            “Do you agree to the rules?”

            “Yes,” they said together.

            “Good. Now let’s go to bed.”



© 2011 Jenny M P

Author's Note

Jenny M P
One name Renesmee is directly from Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn and another name Jasper I actually found on a name site but is also used in Twilight Saga.

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