You can't be me

You can't be me

A Poem by mizzunderstood12

You couldn't be me cause you can't see me


You couldn’t read me like an open book

You’d stop after the first 2 chapters

You couldn't sing to the same tune as me

You’d get lost after the first 2 tunes

You couldn’t dance to the same beat as me

You’d get lost after the first 2 steps

Trying to read me, is like reading a cryptic message

Impossible, so you just give up

Trying to be me, is like trying to walk on water

You can’t do it, so you won’t try

To be, you’d have to understand me

A maze to walk through, just to feel what I feel

A puzzle to solve to just see what I see

You couldn’t be me if you tried

Cause I hide behind this disguise

When you see day, I see night

Our 2 worlds aren’t alike

So tired of fake

So Imma stay real

Instead of being a 100 %

Imma give you 200%

The honesty and truth is what you need

So Don’t try to read me

If you can’t see clearly

Cause the words will get blurry

And your eyes will get teary

I’m my own person

I stand my own ground

I’m an individual

Among the copies

When you look outside

You instantly see me

I stand out from the crowd

I stand out from myself

Cause when you see me

You see no one else

So trying to be me is ridiculous

I’m cryptic

I’m distant

I’m so irrelevant

You can’t be someone you don’t see

Or try to read a book you can’t read

You can’t sing a song you don’t know

Humming the words, but you don’t know

You can’t dance to a beat  you can’t follow

Cause in the end you still won’t get it

You can’t be me

Cause in the end

You don’t see me

Just someone you want me to be


(Mizzunderstood 2011-I'm back)

Copyright 2011 ©


Dedication-  The Success Counselor at me school Ms.Buckner, she's an awesome person who has showed me that, I may not be like everyone else and that's alright and I shoudln't  be trying to fit in with people I dnt fit in with...I'm cool with that, cause can't nobody be me...That's my teacher I love her 99.999999999999999 percent of the time (insider)

© 2011 mizzunderstood12

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This is a courageous poem.. knowing oneself this well that you know no one can understand or be you. I really love the way this flows.. and the repetition at the end. Great imagery!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 1, 2011
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Saint Louis, MO

I'm 16 soon to be 17, a Jr in highschool. Writing is my way of channeling my anger management and helping me through life!!! Wanna know more just ask me more..