Silence Is Loud

Silence Is Loud

A Story by mizzunderstood12

Tory never thought there would be a day when his relationship would crash.

3 days. That's how long it had been since Tory last heard from his girlfriend. 3 days. What could keep her from calling? He wondered as he sat in his room looking at the ceiling. She usually called after there dates to criticize him and talk about his outfit. 3 nights ago he took her bowling and then dropped her off at her best friend's house. He hadn't heard from her since. Why? His brain began to wonder to them unknown places he hated going to. The places where she's with another guy, or she's dead. He pondered those thoughts in his head slowly. Who could be better than him. he wasn't drop dead handsome, but for an  average guy he was pretty good looking. He stood 5"9 with long black hair he kept braided up. He brown eyes and was athletically built. He played football and basketball and was captain of both teams. He wasn't a jock though. 
His phone rang and he jumped to get it, nearly hitting his head on the side of his desk. It was only Owen, his best friend, calling.
"Wassup." He said as he flopped back down on the bed, dejected.
"Nothing man, you heard from Kelsey yet?" Owen asked
"No." Tory choked back the tears as he felt them fall from his eyes.
"Well, get your a*s up. We're going by her place." Owen said in his authoritative voice.
"Fine." Tory hung up the phone and rolled off his bed.

Owen pulled up to the house 10 minutes later in his rusty pick-up truck. He  was dressed in his school uniform still and smelled of weed. 
"You're buzzed?" Tory asked, although it was more of a statement.
"Kinda, I took a few hits before I left. Can't let you get me down" Owen explained as he roared off into the night.
The roads were empty for it to be only 8 PM. Was everything just depressing and gone. Tory glanced at his phone, no new messages and no missed calls. Once again he felt his face get wet, he wiped them quickly before Owen noticed. Too Late
"Quit crying. Maybe she's sick." He suggested.
"Maybe." Tory replied softly.
They rode through the city in silence as Tory began to drag his self deep into   his thoughts. She's not sick an inner voice scoffed at him. You idiot another one said. He pushed the thoughts away as Owen roared up her driveway.
It was a little after 10 at night. The house was dark  and no sounds came from inside. Owen parked along the curb and dug around under his seat and pulled out a gun.
"Just in case." He stuffed in his pants and hopped out.
"Right." Tory said as he followed behind Owen.
"Where's her room?" Owen asked
"Around the back, 2nd window on the floor." Tory described.
Owen moved with lithe movements at a quick pace. He climbed the fence expertly and glanced around his surroundings. It was completely dark in the yard, the house stood tall, a silhouette against the night background. Following behind Owen, Tory made his a way to the back of the house and to her window. The curtain on the window was pulled a back and he peeked inside. He could just make out the frame of her body in her bed. She was still, her chest rising up and down. He smiled to himself remembering the many nights they had in her room. He was just about to knock on the window when a movement in the room caught his eye.
The door opened, a slither of light slipped in as the door opened and then disappeared as the door closed again. The figure that walked in was tall and lanky. He had on a towel and came and sat on the edge of the bed. Tory watched in shock as Kelsey sat up and greeted him with a dainty kiss on the lips. Again tears began to come to his eyes. Tory jumped as Owen tapped him on the shoulder. His head hit the window and the movements in the room stopped.
Owen pushed Tory into the ground as the sound of footsteps began to get closer. Somebody opened the window and glanced around outside. They could hear the heavy breathing of the person, a man, as he tried to place the noise. A fire began to rise in Tory's chest. A blazing fire. This was his girl's house. No other dude deserved her kisses, her strawberry vanilla smell. No other guy deserved to be in the bed but him. With a new found courage he stood up and faced the person at the window.
"Who are you?' The guy growled as he raised his hand.
"Don't worry about it. Who are you?"
Before he could answer Kelsey appeared at the window. She was stunned, shocked into silence. The air around the room got tense.
"What are you doing here?" Kelsey asked as she glanced at the floor, not meeting his eyes.
"Finding out why you haven't been returning my calls. I thought something happened to you. But I guess not." Tory's voice rose a few notches as he forced his self not to cry.
"It's not what you think." Kelsey said quietly, "I'm sorry Tory."
Tory couldn't stop the on rush of tears that came to his eyes. He was looking at his heart crumble right in front of him.
"Why?" Tory asked as he wiped the tears from his face.
"I don't know. I just wanted something new. It was always the same with you. I love you and I love who you are, but it's not for me anymore." Kelsey explained
"So you cheat on me, wouldn't have been easier to just rip my heart out and stomp on it." Tory said as he forced her to look into his eyes.
She held his gaze, but dropped it. The hurt in his eyes were unbearable. She couldn't stand here and act like she didn't care. She wiped the tears from his eyes and held his face in her hands.
"Tory Lane, I love you to death. You were my first everything. If I could take back what just happened I swear I would. Seeing you here makes me realize I don't need another man for me to be happy. I need you. Your simplicity, your mind, your kisses. I'm sorry Tory. Forgive me." She said her voice cracking every other word.
Tory stood there tears rolling down his face as he soaked in the words. It would be easy to just say I forgive you and get on with his life. But something inside of him snapped. He felt empty and torn apart. He grabbed her hands and held them in his. He wasn't ready to let her go, but he wouldn't be able to forgive her.
"It would be so easy for me to take you back. Love you again, hold you again and be with you. But I can't. If I took for you to sleep and be with another guy in order for you to see I'm all you need, then you're with the wrong person. I'm sorry Kelsey. I love you, but I don't forgive you." He bent down and kissed her passionately on the lips, "I love you, but we're done."
Kelsey began to cry as the words hit her like a train. They had forget another person was involved untill he coughed, announcing his presence. Something clicked in Tory as he turned to the face the guy. The man who stole Kelsey. The fire inside on him blazing hotter. He swung and hit him in the face with a thunderous punch. The guy fell silently to the ground with a thud. He turned back to Kelsey and kissed her on the forehead whispering goodbye. 
"For once in my life, I wish it wasn't silent." He said as he looked into her eyes, "I've never heard silence quite this loud."

And with those words he walked away into the night with Owen trialing right behind him. The pain beating in his blood, the hurt in his eyes, the betrayal in his soul, and the knife she stabbed him with lodged in his back. The story ended the way it started with Silence. Only the sound of their footsteps on the concrete.

© 2011 mizzunderstood12

Author's Note

Hey Hey Hey...tell me what you think...I think it's awesome......

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Added on August 11, 2011
Last Updated on August 12, 2011
Tags: Hurt, break-up, love



Saint Louis, MO

I'm 16 soon to be 17, a Jr in highschool. Writing is my way of channeling my anger management and helping me through life!!! Wanna know more just ask me more..