The entrenchment

The entrenchment

A Story by midnight reaper

Was all this worth it


Three Humvees, painted the colors of the forest carried the soldiers of Alpha team into a thick forest where an entrenchment lay waiting for them. The generals feared the forest so much, for they believed that their enemy that they fought for years on end would pounce and slaughter anyone who dared object to them in digging up the vital emergency supplies which could give the general’s soldiers a fighting chance if the soldiers were to be abandoned in the forest.
As the Humvees slowly moved on, they hit pock marks and small craters in the ground, which were caused by the many mines and rockets set off here. The forest was the main battleground for a war which took so many lives and so many civilians that it almost seemed that the reaper was growing and harvesting his souls in this very land. Every bump and every groan of the Humvee was met with resistance from everyone inside for they feared that they hit a mine or an enemy squad has ambushed them but soon enough they all sighed with relief as they moved forward.
Finally, the convoy reached the entrenchment which was only a mile away from the hidden supplies and even had its own little stockpile, but it was mainly there so the generals could protect the hidden supplies. The soldiers of Alpha team jump out of the Humvee and huddle into the entrenchment with haste as if they feared for the invisible enemy which roamed these woods.
Alpha team was the best of the best and the order to protect the sacred supplies made them laugh since they crushed the fear inside them and a single man could take out at least ten others before dying in a shower of bullets.
The night took over and every man was on guard for fear crept into their titanium shells and they began to worry and some even began to pray as silence fell upon them and not even a single bird would sing on this dreary night.
As the clock hit eleven fire rained down upon them as bullets flew from every direction. The men jumped up and began to aim, firing into the darkness. The general stood there in a trench coat and in hand was a snubbed m4 which took oh so many lives before and is willing to take oh so many lives now. The men fought and fought until finally one of them fell and now everyone knew they were no longer invincible as their titanium shells began to crumble. As the night dragged on they could finally see the corpses piling around them as their own entrenchment began to fill with their own corpses. Sometimes the general would shout quotes or words to boost morale, but nothing could be boosted. Finally, after two of the members of Alpha team fell someone tried to reach into their plate carrier to call in for support, but there was no signal and the large radio that sat on a shelf near the southeast edge of the entrenchment was inaccessible for whoever dared to reach for it were rejected with hundreds of bullets. Now they were the ones stranded. Bullets hit the edges and interior of the entrenchment creating a small cloud of debris and outside gunshots sang in unison. Only a few dared to peek their head over the edge when the shots lulled just the tiniest bit and most who dared were killed. Every man, who sat in the entrenchment agreed to fight until no man is left and with that they peeked their heads and began to take lives with every bullet, filling the reaper. The enemies came and came with no end until a wall of bodies was formed around the entrenchment. Soon the general was shot in the head, taking any hope with him and only mere seconds after only three stood and now the enemy growing desperate for the first time ran into the entrenchment toppling bodies as they entered and becoming invisible no more. The ones who entered were met with a bullet and a quick death. Those of Alpha team who were left saw the anger and hatred in the eyes of the enemy and in the dark recess of their minds, they wondered why the now visible enemy attack three men that were already defeated but they did not shake off the challenge given to them by their dull and careless foes. Finally, as the morning sun rose one man stood with only a few bullets in his cartridge.
As the soldier frantically aimed trying to distinguish anyone who still hides he heard the birds chirp and all the bullets ceased to fly and the enemy was finally vanquished. The lone survivor now reached for the large metal radio and dialed into HQ and asked for reinforcements. He waited only minutes until some of the soldiers arrived. Some crinkled their noses as they sniffed the air, which reeked with blood and threw up when they looked at the ground, which was filled with corpses lying in pools of blood. Others looked the lone soldier up and down because his uniform was torn and dirty and stained with blood, but yet he stood in the center of all the corpses in the entrenchment regretting nothing but the war he has fought in. After a moment of silence, the soldiers help the soldier out and loaded him into a helicopter which quietly flew away from the entrenchment giving a full view of how many the reaper harvested. The lone soldiers smirked for  the battle reminded him of the war itself, and he asked himself was this destruction really worth it?  

© 2016 midnight reaper

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Added on October 14, 2016
Last Updated on October 14, 2016