The convoy

The convoy

A Story by midnight reaper

An attempt at a war story

As the convoy rides through the desert the sand kicks up from under the wheels of the 3 humvees creating a trail of sand behind them as they head to a destination somewhere on the front lines. The first Humvee gets hit by an IED and blows to smithereens as body parts and metal hunks fly everywhere. The second Humvee gets hit with an RPG and as it burns you can hear the wretched screams of the soldiers trying desperately to get out. Now only one humvee stands as the bullets whiz past their heads as they quickly exit it using it as cover from an almost invisible enemy. The machine gunner was the first to go as he opened fire only to be shot time and time again. The three remaining soldiers fought like there was no tomorrow, firing an infinite hail of bullets as the shells and mags begin to pool around their feet. Yet they were dismayed as their efforts went on to no avail for the enemy still fought like the firefight has only begun. First, one out of the three to die died a gruesome death as a bullet passed through his eye and out the other side as his body twitched and crumpled to the floor. The other two shuttered at such a grizzly sight but yet the only thing in their mind was to stay alive. The second one died with a barrage of bullets through his chest and bled out on the ground as the blood began to pool around his body. The last one standing began to shutter and shed a tear knowing his death was creeping up behind him but he kept at it for what seemed hours until finally the bullets stopped and silence fell upon the single soldier. As he called for back up he crumpled to the ground now being flooded with emotion so overwhelming he began to cry knowing that his friends will never come back and what he has seen can never be unseen. He knew this was no game and this very day will haunt him until his grave.

© 2017 midnight reaper

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Added on October 8, 2017
Last Updated on October 8, 2017