Planet Fall

Planet Fall

A Story by midnight reaper

The silence consumed me as I cut back the engines to be only interrupted by the creaking and subtle noises of the plane and its instruments. A plane made for gliding luckily but still, this was no joking matter. Dispatched from an orbital scout ship I was alone and already piercing through the clouds of this foreign world into the land below driving me further and further away from what I call home. 
The problems started early on for this world's atmosphere is hostile and unwelcoming. The clouds are white as snow and the sky a deep blue. Yet this beauty is a trap for the clouds hide merciless rain and thunder accompanied by the occasional gust of strong wind that rattles my plane. The clouds are a thick layer of this foreign world and it seemed to me as if I was in the clouds for an eternity before even seeing glimpses of the ground and landscape. 
Thinking I would be sheltered from the heavy storms that hide in the clouds once I dived below I raced through them as fast as possible even so it was a slow and terrifying journey. My plane was almost rattled apart by turbulence and the rain hindered my ability to see further than only a few feet ahead forcing me to slow yet this did not solve anything and I was still constantly battling the elements for control of my plane. 
Finally, the ground was below me and only a thin layer of clouds was left. I being foolish enough began to relax in anticipation of a more hospitable environment and I was severely punished for this relaxation mere minutes after I eased back into my seat and began to check the plane's instruments and gages. As I was finally cruising through the last of the clouds a loud cracking noise rippled through my cockpit as a lightning bolt struck my engine. I cut off the engine and quickly pressed the engine extinguish button to ensure there could be no fires or any way of it blowing the plane to shreds. After that, I quickly lowered the landing gears in anticipation of a crash landing. 
As I finally dipped below the clouds and began to descend to the surface I started to scan the landscape and to my surprise, it was mostly calm lush meadows with an occasional mountain range in the distance though there was constant rain pinging off the plane and the sky changed to a grey and gloomy color with no sun in sight only the clouds. 
Touching down I realized I had to radio in for a rescue because I surely would not be able to fly with the condition my engine was in. Sadly as I reached for my radio I realized there was no signal to the scout ship above yet as I was scrolling through frequencies to check if there was any possible life on this planet one held an eery message constantly looping:
Silence consumes.
Silence maddens.
Silence is a weapon.
Silence can make you question, can make you regret
So, what made silence loom over and follow you like your own shadow?
I realized I wasn't the first one here and won't be the last. Now stranded my only hope is to find any survivors if any survived long enough to see my arrival. Truly now I realized I might live out the rest of my possibly short life on this world with no way of getting home. 

© 2018 midnight reaper

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midnight reaper
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Hey, I enjoyed reading this. It's descriptive and you have a distinctive style which I liked. It would be nice to find out more about the world the the character has landed on but I also like it being left to the readers imagination.

Nice work.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is delightfully visual. It drew me in. I wonder if it is the beginning of something bigger or just a micro story. I would like more for sure.
Only advice I can think of, paragraphs to help break up the action.
Well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago

midnight reaper

1 Year Ago

I might make more stories on this but for now its a micro story. I broke it up into paragraphs, is t.. read more
Phillip W Parsons

1 Year Ago

I really like this story. Paragraphs worked. It was already awesome but I read it differently now.
midnight reaper

1 Year Ago

Alright thank you for the feedback

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