Fatamata's Dream

Fatamata's Dream

A Poem by Kpoh




The Baobab tree whispered to Fatamata

'Come little one

Sit under my shade

Rest your weary feet

I will cast a deep sleep over you

And seal your instruction'

Fatamata loosened the thongs of her sandals

Sat under the Baobab tree

And soon fell into a deep sleep

Akin to death; and dead to all

The Baobab tree spread her branches abroad

Casting pleasant shade over the little Seed

Thence began sweet whisperings

Unspeakable utterances

Music unfit for the ears of man

Unlawful for any mortal to grant audience to

Coming into existence before Adam

Words existing before the hills 

Encapsuled by celestial harmonies

Bounded by the winds of God

Dropt into the mind of the little Seed

The Seed of Fatamata

I will make of you One saith the Word

That which ye shall become

None other House will ye erect

Thine destiny is sinlge

An idea captive to itself

There shall be no turning

To the left

Or to the right

I will imbue you with power unassailable

Strengthen you with the Might of Samson

I will occupy your mind with the Fear of David

Impregnate you with the Faith of Abraham

I will guide you as I did Moses with a pillar of cloud

Prosper you with the fortune of Joseph

Ye shall not waver

Ye shall voyage steadfast after that ye are purposed

I will secure to you the fidelity of a rock

And enlist for your comfort the permanence of stars

In thy presence tranquility shall retire

I will make your Name as wise as Solomon

Ye shall judge with right judgment my imprisoned purpose for you

The tenacity of Paul will pale in the great conflict to come

I will build you a mind of Gold

Forged by the greatest smith of them all; Wisdom

Ye shall be incorruptible in that ye are objected

Then will I incubate in thee a Great Commission

It shall exceed your borders

Thine frontiers shall retreat ahead of the blessings I will establish within thine City

I will plant my Lamp in the secret place of thine Chamber

Whose light shall climb through thine walls and gleam unto the ends of the earth

Men shall regard you with scorn

Deriding your insignificance

They shall ridicule your portion

And say did ever a Prophet from Galilee come

Yet shall ye not be moved

For thou knowest what slumbers within thee

From the belly of the lame shall endurance arise

I will mount upon the wings of thine mind

Chariots of horsemen bearing the King

He shall hold in his hand a golden sceptre

With which he shall decree his purpose

I am that I am

I will become that I am

I know what I am

I am a small Seed

I am an insignificant Seed

Yet I am intended to become a Great tree

I am created to become a Mighty tree

I am destined to become a Hallowed tree

I bear within me

The dream of Fatamata's Seed

I transport with me

The Joy of Fatamata's Seed

I celebrate within me

The presence of Fatamata's Seed

I sing in my soul

The song of Fatamata's Seed

Nothing else

One bright day soon to come

I will become a Great tree

No obstacle can deny me this

No mountain of earth formed

No mountain of dirt plowed

Can prevent my appearance

On the day appointed

I will pierce foundation

And reveal my ears

Then in partnership with the Rock of Ages

I will excavate my glory

Eyeballs shall bear witness

To the triumph of the minute Seed

I embalm myself in the Absolute conviction of that I am meant to be

I am to Fatamata's tree mummified

Husbanding the day I arise in majesty

There is no shade of variableness; No not a whit

Nor the minutest vacillation in the testimony I come bearing

That of which I am desirous is by discipline fertilized

Hear this;

Without Faith it is impossible to please him;

For he that cometh to God must believe that He is

And that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him

Fatamata's Seed knows IT IS

As God IS

Fatamata's Seed is focused diligent on One purpose

It seeks with Faith unwavering that which it is meant to be

It will by Fatamata's tree be pleased

And will by Fatamata's tree be rewarded

Fatamata's Seed becometh Fatamata's tree

There is none other it shall become

It is to none other reasoned

Then awoke Fatamata out of her dream

Towering above all others and no longer puny

She had become that which had lain dormant in the Temple of her mind

She had from the Seed smallest evolved into a tree embracing the heavens

The Baobab tree said to the Mustard Tree

Well done thou Good and Faithful servant  

Thou has been Faithful over the charge given thee of the Father















© 2008 Kpoh

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Added on June 3, 2008
Last Updated on June 3, 2008



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