Yaa Asantewaa and the Whiteman

Yaa Asantewaa and the Whiteman

A Poem by Kpoh




                 Yaa Asantewaa and the Whiteman
                  ‘Muntie asem a aba yi
                  Akwasi Broni na nennfi kitwaa bi no se
                  Obroni krokrowaa na ne kokodro se entatia
                  Pese odi ne to Kankan no gu Sika Dwa Kofi ho fi
                  Motee asem a meka ye no; Opese otenna Sika Dwa Kofi so
                  Ei monwhe asem a mehunu
                  Sika Dwa Kofi a ye nana nom antenna so da
                  Obroni fitaa a ne nni nso adee epese o ka ntam
                  Whe; se abarima asa wo mo fie a
                  Nnye me fie; me fie dee abarima abu so
                  Ye be sore ama ye mu so
                  Asem hunu yi ennsin ye dwaree
                  Abarima asa ye be si wommu anan mu
                 Ennye Barima ni dee ose berma
                  Barima ne dee na koma mu ye dru
                  Akwasi Broni abeka entokwa kesee
                  Ye be di Asafo ne nnim akata Sika dwa Kofi so
                  Akwasi Broni Yaa Asantewaa se twen na wo be hu adee’
                  ‘Listen to this grave issue
                  This is what the Whiteman with the tiny rib cage says
                  This puny Whiteman with the intestinal fortitude of an ant
                  Seeks to defile the great Golden Stool with his stinking bottom 
                  Did you hear what I said? He wants to sit on the Golden Stool
                  Ei! Witness this grave affair by which I am confronted
                  The Golden Stool upon which our ancestors never sat
                  This disrespectful pale Whiteman wants to breach our taboo
                  Look! If there are no longer any brave men in your houses
                  Not in my house; in my house there is an abundance of brave men
                  We shall arise and stand up
                  There shall be no accommodation made for such absurdity in our bathrooms
                  If there are no men we shall stand in the place of men
                  The man is not he who is fashioned in the shape of a man
                  The man is anyone who has a courageous heart
                  The Whiteman has stoked a huge battle
                   We shall lead the war parties and protect the Golden Stool
                   Whiteman, Yaa Asantewaa bids you wait for the trouble you have summoned’

© 2008 Kpoh

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This poem is a fabrication of an actual event and meeting between the major chiefs and elders of the Asante Kingdom in the late 1800's. It was the response of a brave Queen known as Yaa Asantewaa who led the 'War of the Golden Stool' against the British in 1900 when then Governor Hodgson demanded that the sacred Golden Stool representative of Asante unity be brought to him so he could sit upon it. It was considered by the Asante chiefs as the 'mother of all sacrileges' for anyone, especially a foreigner to sit on the Golden Stool.

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