A Story by Martha Fierro

Very Short story. Comments welcomed.


     His name was Bob. Bob didn't have many friends. He naver went out, he didn't own a telephone and he didn't even know what a computer was. You could call him an old fashion guy. This is percicly the reason why he didn't have many friends. All the friends he use to have were moving forward to the future. They moved to the city and left Bob in the country side by himself.

     He was not completly alone though. He did have one friend. His name was Herbert. They use to do many fun things together. They use to play games, but now they were both old and all they did now was talk. Old people do talk alot. It seems like they never run out of things to say.

     On one lonely day Herbert was not there. Bob couldn't find him anywhere. He looked in the kitchen in the living room, and the bed room. He was not there. He didn't understand how somone could just disappear. As he was looking for him a woman came up to his house. She saw that he was a little frustrated.

     And asked, "Hello mister, do you need help?"

     "Yes I need to find my friend!" he answered

     "Um...I don't see anyone, where does he live?" 

     "I don't know he just comes, but today he didn't. Can you help me?" he said.

     "Um mister... I don't think anyone lives here, except you." she answered.

     "What are you talking about?" he said. 

     "I was sent here by the hospital in the city, I have to take you now" she demanded.

     "Is Herbert there? I wont go unless Herbert comes." Bob said.

     The women just humored him. There was no Herbert. There was never a Herbert. Bob was sent to the hospital and was forced to live there forever. The doctors said that there was no way to fix the brain damage.

The End

© 2008 Martha Fierro

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Added on February 25, 2008


Martha Fierro
Martha Fierro

San Diego, CA

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A Story by Martha Fierro