7. Questions

7. Questions

A Chapter by Lynaelee

I felt like bricks were slowly being removed from my body, one by one. I shook my head and concluded I was no longer sitting up. I tried to move my limbs, but they were stuck. Sluggishly, I opened my eyes and looked around. I was was lying down in a twin sized bed with rails all around the edge. My ankles and wrists we tied to the rails. My chest still felt heavy, and I couldn't even lift my shoulders that were left unbound. I was able to move my hands and feet ever so slightly. I decided to not worry about it for the time being and looked around. The room was small; big enough for the bed and about a foot and a half perimeter so one person to walk around the bed comfortably. The room didn't have much to look at it other than a large mirror off to my right. It reminded me of an interrogation room in the police station, and I had a feeling I was definitely being watched. I looked at my reflection and tried to spit out the gag they placed in my mouth. Unable to do so, I continued to look around. Above me was four lights light with the letters RF, LF, RH, LH. I read it carefully, but my vision was blurry. Boys are feet, girls are hands. Blonde on the right, brunette on the left. I furrowed my brow, that didn't make much sense. I took a deep breath and thought it though as I looked at the metal pole the light board was connected to; it attached to my bed by my left shoulder. I scowled and looked up again. Where was I? What did those letters mean? I thought about the words again. Boys feet, girls hands. Oh! Okay so that meant F=feet. H=hands. With directions! It made sense now. Adam, blonde boy - right foot. Ryan, brunette boy - left foot. Lauren, brunette girl - left hand. So that left me, blonde girl - right hand. Confused, I stretched my limbs again. I felt a button with my foot and pressed it. Above me, the light RF lit up. I tried to sit up and look at my feet. Where were my shoes? I sighed. Then I tried to find the other three buttons and turn those lights on. I turned my head to the side and used my shoulder to get the gag out; it fell around my neck. "Water," I rasped. "Please." Then I remembered I was in an empty room. I looked towards the mirror, strained to sit up and face it, and tried again, "water. Please?" I relaxed back into the bed and waited, flexing all my limbs and trying to wiggle free from my binds. "Fine. No water. Let me go," I demanded. My voice was soft even for my liking. It wasn't long before I heard a voice: Ark. 
"I'm so glad to see you are awake. I highly recommend you not moving unless you want to severe your hands and feet off," he said. I searched the room for him, but only found a speaker on the far wall towards my feet. The speaker box continued, "a little disorientation is normal. We removed your shoes, socks, and checked your pockets for your cell phone, but I assure you. That is all we touched. Even if you wanted to flee, your body is not quite ready to move yet. As a precaution, your limbs were tied down. You will be freed from your binds when this informal interview is complete. I encourage you to lay back and use the light buttons to answer my questions. As you can see, you and your three friends each have their own light. As a reminder, and forgive me if I get the names wrong, right hand is for the blonde girl, obviously that's Annette. The left hand is the other girl, oh let's see. Angel? No Lori." I blinked my eyes tiredly, Lauren, Lori, close enough; I was clearly all they cared about. I would do my best to make sure my classmates were not just looked at as collateral damage though. "Then we have the feet. You guys made it easy, giving us a blonde and brunette here too. Blonde on the right, other on the left. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out. Remember, you can only talk with these four buttons. You can hit your own button if it fits the question. If it is a yes or no question, use your button. Two clicks for yes, three for no. Answer every question honestly. No speaking." I sighed and rolled my eyes. They weren't planning on us using our voices and I spoiled that for them. "First I need to know, do you feel wide awake?"
I pondered for a minute. I was still tired, but definitely felt wide awake. With my right hand, I pressed my button twice - yes. 
"Do you feel drugged?" 
Again, I pressed my button twice - yes. 
"As intended. Do you know why you are here?" Ark voiced. 
I pressed my right hand button three times - no. I wasn't sure if I wanted to find out. I wouldn't make it easy for them if I could.  
"Now for some more personal questions. Let's start with are you single?" 
I smirked. Seriously? I pressed my button twice - yes. "But that doesn't mean I'm available," I thought. "Especially if it feels forced. This feels forced."
"Are you currently crushing on somebody, if so is it one of your fellow friends, then who?" 
I rolled my eyes. Right hand, three clicks - no crushes, and definitely not Ryan or Adam. 
"Now we're done with the yes and no portion. Please give me a single press with on your friend's buttons for your response. Who is the most honest?" 
Adam couldn't even face his true feelings. Ryan and Lauren said whatever they thought would get them more followers. I used my right hand and pressed the button - me. These questions weren't answering very much and I was beginning to feel conceited; it made me uncomfortable. 
"Who is the biggest liar?" 
I bit my lip. I hated throwing people under the bus. Sighing, I used my right foot. Adam wasn't usually my first choice on that, but lying in any form was a big form of distrust in my book. 
"Besides yourself, who is the person you would trust the most?" 
Could I trust any of them? After careful consideration, I pressed down simultaneously on Ryan and Lauren's buttons. Ryan had always been a straight shooter with me when I talked to him, and while Lauren and I bumped heads, she didn't pick a fight with me unless she had an audience. We were on even footing here. After Adam's behavior at lunch, I couldn't be around him; I didn't feel safe. 
"Who would be your roommate?" 
Definitely not a guy. Obvious choice was Lauren. I used my left hand and pressed down. 
"Who would take a bullet for you?" 
"Nobody. I wouldn't let them," I thought and pressed the button with my right hand. 
"Who would be missed most when discovered that they're missing?" 
I used my left foot and chose Ryan. He was the most popular guy, football captain, and well liked by all; it was an obvious choice. 
"Thank you for your honesty. One final question, Annette. Do you still desire to take their punishments? Life is about to get colorful." 
I looked up at the ceiling. A single tear rolled down my cheek as watched the bulb by my name light up twice. I turned my head away from the mirror and wiped my tear on the bed. I wasn't going to let them see me cry. 
"Please be patient as we get your room ready. Your designated assignments will be revealed shortly. Unfortunately, you will need to be put back to sleep as we transfer you. Resistance is futile. We look forward to working with you," Ark finished as Ronnie came into the room and put a oxygen mask over my head. No, not oxygen; another drug I realized as I drifted back into unconsciousness.

© 2017 Lynaelee

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