A Poem by aspen

bright eyes that glittered with tears,
always smiling and falling at the same time

butterflies whispered against my skin,
words fell out of my mouth in a different way

you wrapped your lack of interest around my throat,
told me it was love and it felt like home
1 year later

my hands are covered in blood,
maybe it's mine but it might be yours

you still wind up tearing through my momentary scenarios when I fall away at night,
too intoxicated to ever be scared anymore

i became another cliche, psychotic
i go to the rooftop and brush my feet against the edge, my hands are always freezing cold
i don't want anyone to put together the scattered mess inside now, it's all in flames that i no longer want to tame
i told you our purpose was to destroy and god is cruel
there's a carousel spinning round and round in my head, take a spin and never look me in the eyes again
i didn't mean to make you cry , i felt like dying on the intersection without you pretending to love me
the intention of the entire world is in vain, filthy and full of facade
i'll only hurt you if you hurt me, it's a prettier and more prominent promise, the only one i can live up to anymore
i will always wish things were still bursting with beauty and innocence but everyone looks at me like i'm see through now
they know i'm caught up and catching up
say your prayers and maybe the butterflies won't turn away from me any longer
it's almost time for me to go
cross your heart and kiss me better

© 2019 aspen

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Added on April 10, 2019
Last Updated on April 22, 2019



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A Poem by aspen

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A Poem by aspen

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A Poem by aspen