The Siren's Song

The Siren's Song

A Poem by Christopher Michael Smith

Sirens singing in the humid night,
Ringing perfect pitches to the ears in tune,
Enticing weak willed minds to destroy and consume,
Lyrics layered with love and hate.

Some songs were written to suck the life from the stray,
Laced with mayhem & spiced with disdain,
Some choruses suckle the compassion from hearts,
Some instill anguish to slaughter the thoughts.

Screams that tare the mental to shreds,
Chants that create haunts from the dead,
Writes that enslave empty heads,
Quotes that have never been said.

Children humming and boasting about,
Whistling the tune of a whorish pout,
Singing the melodies with glee and cheer,
Putting energy into stanzas the Sirens still steer.

Mainstream frequencies born to divide,
Between beautiful words the monsters all hide,
Waiting like wolves in the silent fight,
Attacking the thoughts of those who recite.

Beautiful Sirens in song they endure,
Beautiful Sirens in praise of no good,
Singing boastfully entrancing the youth,
Singing along to the hymnals of untruth.

Lust & greed envelope the words of today,
Money & sex warped hymns to betray,
Chained to the soul the shadows don't sleep,
They cower in corners & take to keep.

Mindsets too young to grasp the concept,
Minds & tongues no longer can reflect,
Mass dumb encasing Eden's womb,
Mass stupid will erupt in chaos soon.

All enslaved to a tune or two.
Internal pandora's playing the same song inside of you,
Repeating the mantras in the heads of us all,
The horrid Sirens have sung the Psalms.

Mass media, mass feeding ya
Mass hysteria, mass flaring ya
Mass mainstream, mass daydream
Mass unmasked, mass outlaw

Tuned to the rhythms
Slave to the beat
Tuned to the Sirens
Humming their songs

Beautiful Sirens on the screens of the fans,
The Holly tree's wood the most magical of the land,
Hollywood casting spells upon them all,
Through the rhymes and downbeats of the Siren's deceptive song.

Sing sweet,
Sing away,
Sing your heart out,
Not just a saying.

Sing your best,
One day you'll be,
Just like the famed ones,
Fallen angels of LA

Believe the lie,
You can achieve,
Believe their stories,
Sold their souls to the fiends.

Sirens song,
Beautiful in the night,
Sirens song,
Beautifully destroying life.

© 2013 Christopher Michael Smith

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Added on June 15, 2013
Last Updated on June 15, 2013


Christopher Michael Smith
Christopher Michael Smith

Clinton, NC

Ego sum qui sum - 'I am what I am' Poetry is my creative expression here upon this floating ball of dust called Earth. Nothing feels as appeasing as watching a pen glide across a virgin page, watc.. more..