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Before we rush into the story. I want to imagine another story, and this story will be about you. Just to feel the people you always laugh at when you watch a comedy show . Come on ! imagine with me !

Sometimes everyone feels like his life is a joke , not a sitcom joke ,it's more like a cartoon joke. You feel like you suffer ,so others can laugh at you. You connect the dots ,and you see like everything happened ,so you can step on that piece of s**t. The one ,a cow crapped while trying to eat the grass . After a while ,you came to this farm with your family, so all of you can enjoy the pure smell of nature. Pure smell of nature my a*s . I bet it smell worse than entering the toilet after Hitler . You know , because Hitler eats too much, so he can think of his next move in war and he have diarrhea can cure a heart disease.

Anyway, back to the main topic. You and your bride to be and her family ,so you get to know them better , you took a walk with her and the goblin army that she call cousins. You step on the s**t ,and god forbid !you slip and fall. If you stand , all that they'll see is a skinny hulk. His super powers is killing flies with his legendary smell . A smell can multiply the gravity when you snip some of it . a smell that is not friendly to the environment . But the problem is the kids . the kids are laughing at you , and what you can see is the look of pity . You see that look in slow motion ,and not wondering why she's giving you that look ,for a fate that you couldn't change. Because you didn't know it will happen. You know what you're going to ask ? Why me? The better question is why not you? You're going to think that if you're going to give it some time, This scenario will fade from her memory ,and after two months she'll be your wife. But no my friend. Because every time you sleep ,Mr skinny hulk will visit her in her mind ,and every time you're screwing her ,she's going to feel .well like you're screwing her. But have no worries my friend .at least ,if that happened after the wedding .the marriage will be so toxic, you'll lose your will to live. Remember that after she dumps you in the garbage after two weeks .and if you're not lucky ,she's going to screw you like you did to her. So remember to be careful every time you go to the restroom . She might try to flush you down the toilet. It will be a perfect crime ,and in the police report,they will say ,"he drowned himself after trying to drink from the toilet like a dog then he flushed himself. He drank from the toilet because it's not healthy to die thirsty".

Anyway ,if didn't you close the book in the middle of that story then there's something wrong with you . and if your mental condition is dangerous ,then it'll get worse as you progress in these pages.  

© 2016 MohamedBencharef

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I love the storyline and the narrative style that it is written in, the humor is fantastic and made me laugh so well done my friend. Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

thanks again for being my buddy and mentoring me in this beautiful art . I appreciate your existence.. read more

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