The Story of Rumpelstiltskin

The Story of Rumpelstiltskin

A Story by moneki

A remake on the traditional story


Rumple and Stiltskin sat side-by-side on a log in the middle of The Royal Forest. Although they looked the same with their dark hair and olive skin, and were brothers, they acted quite differently. They both knew magic, but different types. Rumple’s was based on life while Stiltskin’s was based on death. Despite their differences, they cared for each other.

They lived in the Royal Forest, but only one person knew they did. As goblins, they weren’t welcome in the human world, but not all the humans were evil. There was a servant girl from the castle’s kitchen that would come every day, bringing food, news, and laughter. Her name was Sarta.

The brothers were waiting for her to come. The sun was beginning to set. Usually, she would be going back to the castle when the sun began to set, but she hadn’t shown up. Stiltskin, who had grown impatient and bored, stood up and began picking flowers, tearing the petals off one at a time and dropping the stems once the petals were gone. Rumple entertained him by growing more flowers, watching with a smile as Stiltskin clapped with joy and sat down on the ground to pick the ever-growing flowers.

The moon had been in the sky for hours when Stiltskin got bored with the flowers and turned to Rumple. Rumple stood, holding out a hand for Stiltskin. Hand-in-hand, they walked towards the castle, fireflies lighting their path.

Once they reached the castle, they stayed in the shadows of the forest. The only people walking around were the guards. Rumple searched for her life-force, making sure she was safe. The brothers knew she slept in the servant’s quarters, but tonight she was in a tower. Rumple pointed at her location, turning to his brother.

“Should we go visit her?” Rumple asked. “She is alone.”

Stiltskin nodded. Rumple summoned vines to bring them up to a window. They saw her inside, staring at a spinning wheel and surrounded by straw. Stiltskin knocked on the window, startling Sarta. 

She walked over to the window and opened it. “What are you two doing here?” she asked.

“I could ask you the same question,” Rumple said, stepping inside after Stiltskin had. “Is this your new living quarters?”

“No,” she replied.

“Then why are you here?” Rumple let go of Stiltskin, letting him wander the room as he turned to face Sarta, looking up.

“The king wants me to spin this straw into gold tonight,” she said, watching Stiltskin. “If I don’t, he’ll kill me tomorrow.”

“Why does he think you can spin gold?”

“He said his advisor had seen me do it,” she replied. “I’ve never even used a spinning wheel.”

“Stiltskin,” Rumple said, walking over to his brother. “Can you do it?”

Stiltskin picked up some straw and nodded. Rumple walked back over to Sarta.

“We can do it for you,” he said. “But magic comes with a price.”

“I have nothing,” she said.

“No food?” Rumple asked.

“No food,” Sarta confirmed. “No water, either.”

Stiltskin wandered over, holding out one hand to Sarta while holding straw in the other. Sarta took his outstretched hand. He slipped the golden ring on her finger off, handing it to Rumple as he changed the straw in his hand to gold.

Rumple took the ring as Stiltskin wandered off into the pile of straw, turning every piece he touched into gold. “This will do,” Rumple said.

Rumple and Sarta watched as Stiltskin used his magic. Stiltskin finished as the sun began to rise. Walking over to Rumple, he took his brother’s hand. They climbed out the window and hurried into the forest as the king opened the door, overjoyed to see the golden straw.

Rumple and Stiltskin waited on the log as the sun prepared to set again. And once again, Sarta did not come. The brothers went back to the castle, this time right after the sun began to set, and rode vines up to the window. When they were let in, they saw the same problem as the previous night. 

“Your necklace,” Rumple said as Stiltskin wandered off to the piles of straw. Sarta took off her necklace and handed it to Rumple.

Once Stiltskin finished, the brothers left, going back to the forest. Once the sun rose, the king entered the tower, once again overjoyed to see the golden straw.

When night fell again, the brothers went back to the tower. Upon entering, Sarta spoke: “The king says this is the final test, but I have nothing to pay you with.”

Rumple laughed. “You have the future.”

“You want my life?”

“We’ll take your firstborn child,” Rumple said, holding out a hand. Stiltskin watched as Sarta shook Rumple’s hand. “But,” Rumple continued, “Magic requires a payment upfront.” He walked over to Stiltskin. “I give my soul to my brother.”

Rumple’s body sagged to the floor as Stiltskin blinked a couple of times. Stiltskin gave Sarta a smile before beginning his work. 

When Stiltskin finished, he left, bringing Rumple’s body with him. Stiltskin buried his brother’s body as the king entered the tower, proclaiming Sarta to be the queen.

Stiltskin remained in the forest. One day, flowers began growing around him, sprouting the way Rumple had always risen them. Stiltskin felt his mouth open, creating words: “It is me, brother. Together, we are one.”

Together, as one, they waited in the forest. When the trumpets were played, announcing the royal baby, they went to the castle. They found Sarta in the nursery, holding a sleeping baby.

The brothers held out their hands. “The child,” the goblin said. “will pay your due and return us to normal.”

Sarta held the baby closer. “Why should I give her to you?”

“We gave you this position,” the goblin said. “We saved your life. We will return to normal.”

“I brought you food every day,” she replied. “Why wasn’t that enough?”

“Fine,” the goblin conceded. “You have three days to guess our name. You fail, we take your daughter. You succeed, you keep your daughter.”

Sarta laughed. “I already know your names! Rumple and Stiltskin.”

“Wrong. You forget, we have only one name.” The brothers left, leaving Sarta holding the baby.

When night fell, guards and servants roamed the Royal Forest, looking for the goblin, but they did not find the brothers. When the sun rose, the guards and servants left the forest, and the goblin followed, going to the nursery where Sarta was waiting.

“What are your guesses today?” they asked.

Sarta guessed every name she could think of, but all received a “no” from the goblin. The goblin left, laughing.

Sarta spent the rest of the day asking every servant in the castle to tell her all the names they knew. She wrote them all down, and went to sleep as the sun set, sure that the brothers’ name was in the list.

The goblin arrived the next morning, asking Sarta what names she would guess today. She read through the entire list, but received a “no” after every name from the goblin. When she was done, the goblin left again, laughing.

Out of desperation, she went to the king, told him the story and begged him to not kill her. The king smiled, “I want to be there when the goblin comes tomorrow.” Sarta nodded, grateful.

When the sun rose again, the goblin appeared, surprised to see the king and guards standing behind Sarta. With a quick glance at them, he turned his attention to Sarta. “It is the last day. What are your guesses?”

The king stepped up, putting a hand on Sarta's shoulder and whispering into her ear.

“Rumpelstiltskin,” she said. “Rumpelstiltskin is your name.”

“You cheated!” the goblin cried out. The goblin raced to the window, leaving.

The next day, the king sent out a decree. It went to all of the corners of the kingdom, and was even sent out to the neighboring kingdoms.

‘Beware the goblin that calls itself Rumpelstiltskin,’ the decree read. ‘It will spin your straw to make gold, taking your riches to do so. If seen, kill on sight.”

© 2020 moneki

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Added on June 30, 2020
Last Updated on June 30, 2020
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