A Poem by Tara♥Undefined♥

Walking through the crowd,

making me back down,

all around the perfect eyes,

there all on me, and I try taking in the lies

and pretend they mean nothing to me.

Everything you have said sunk into my skull

making me believe I had a chance,

but then I see its just a lie,

that you fancied my love.

You knew that I loved him,

you said that you'd stay clear,

I trusted you and you betrayed me,

i felt like I would just evaporate into thin air.

Why would you do such a thing?

Answer that question at least.

I cant trust you anymore,

but I promised we would always be friends,

that no matter what I would be with you,

What a stupid mistake,

I swore on the River Styx,

What an idiot am I,

to think you cared about my feelings and not just yours.

I will regret this to the end of my life.

I will try and I have tried,

but I promise you that I'll never forget,

never forget how you betrayed me,

never forget how you lied.

You said " He loves you too." You lead me on to believe this.

"You are perfect for one another." What bull.

"I hope you guys can be together." That's the last straw.

I swear I cried my eyes out until they bled that day,

then sadness turned to anger and i wished to wring your throat

but I am better than that.

As much as I try to be good with you again,

I promise you

I will never forgive you for your lies.

© 2010 Tara♥Undefined♥

Author's Note

this is really personal, It was originally a venting leter to a friend who betrayed my trust. I told her about a guy I liked and then she ended up going out with him. It hurt really vbad, but I revised it into a poem and thought Id see what other people thought. I cant be completely alone in this place right?

btw this is the official reason I think traingles are evil shapes

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cool didnt read butt cool
lov yah

Posted 14 Years Ago

awesome this was great lots of emotion which always makes 4 a great write

Posted 14 Years Ago

It does hurt when a friend betrays you. I like how you changed it into a poem for us to read. Great emotions. Very personal. great job overall.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Splendid. Indeed.
I have gone through the same thing, and it hurts, I tried to stay friends with the girl but we later ended up not talking to eachother, I think its hard to stay friends with someone even if you forgive them, because it will always be in the back of your head. And just that is enough to ruin a friendship, let alone them betraying you. Great job. :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

this is wonderful!

Posted 14 Years Ago

thats so nice and i liked it and i think that they hated you to become a traider

Posted 14 Years Ago

Hey. I thought this was pretty good. This same thing has actually happened to me like 3 times its crazy. I'm still friends with them though cause I forgive people to easily. But whatever, this was good sorry this happened to you I know how you feel and I dont know you or your friend or this guy but for your friend to be leading you on like that and then do this she's no good for you. I'm gonna say it wasnt meant to be but you probly dont wanna hear that right now haha sorry. You'll be alright though and find someone even better. Keep writing though it helps you vent.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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canton, OH

I am Savannah! Heello!!!^^ I love writing(obviously) I love to sing and dance and stuff. I like the rainy days better than sunny ones and Im crazy too. Well, Idk wat else to tell you.. more..