A Lost Land

A Lost Land

A Story by Domenic Stewart

Listening to a celtic music mix from Adrien Von Ziegler or something, and got inspired to write my longest singular poem I've ever done I think lol.

The sun creeping over the horizon, morning is upon us, a warrior and father wakes his son, telling him "wake now and there's no time for fuss".

The boy groggily goes about his chores, feeding the animals and cleaning the house, searching for a missing thing in his bedroom drawers, finding only a retreating small mouse.

Midday comes around, the father calls his son to the hill, to watch the elk and deer abound, but shortly after playtime's over and it's time to till.

After the work at home and in the field are done, the father takes his son to the valley, to spar and see who's the strong one, so the boy must be swift and not dally.

After much exercise and effort, the father stands proud, his son still never falling short, to each other they bowed.

With the sun long set they watch the stars, the sun now long past it's bright best, the father tells his boy stories of great kings and czars, once the boy is fast asleep his father carries him home to rest.

With it being long into the night, the father lay his son down to sleep, his curious mind and adventurous attitude far out of sight, the boy sleeps without a peep.

This family of two living in a lost world, supporting themselves through character and strength, under his own blankets the father curled, to sleep before the next day's length.

With both their heads full of dreams, as the next day comes closer, it's potential bursting at the seams, but first the father and son will need to go and visit the village grocer.

© 2015 Domenic Stewart

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I like the way how you describe the simple yet beautiful life of the father and son. The story is clean and neat. It was kinda fast though, but I still like it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

I see your point, but it's still great though.
Domenic Stewart

5 Years Ago

Thank you. :)

5 Years Ago

You're welcome...

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1 Review
Added on April 17, 2015
Last Updated on April 17, 2015
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Domenic Stewart
Domenic Stewart

Vancouver, WA

High-schooler that likes rock and metal. I am starting to get some new stuff put up so far, but it might be a while for anything to get finished. On my last year of highschool. Taken. :) more..