Sails in the Sky

Sails in the Sky

A Story by Domenic Stewart

A fantasy I have been thinking about lately, involving sky pirates and similar things.


"Stormy the night and the waves roll high, 
Bravely the ship doth ride, 
Hark! while the lighthouse bell's solemn cry 
Rings over the sullen tide"

"There on the deck see two lovers stand, 
Heart to heart beating, and hand to hand;
Though death be near, she knows no fear 
While at her side is one of all most dear"

"Loudly the bell in the old tower rings, 
Bidding us list to the warning it brings  
sailor, take care -  sailor, take care"

"Danger is near thee, beware, beware,  beware, beware 
Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep,  
so beware, beware 
Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep,
so beware, beware..."

~Asleep in the Deep, an old sea shanty~

Thunder clouds rolling by, lightning lashing out at the ships' hull. Wind battering the sails and rocking the sky-ship, the masts creaking under the extreme duress. "Hold steady men!" shouted the captain, as another gust of wind slams into the side of the ship. The sky-ships' solar sails gaining no power in the storm, the ships' engines struggling against the force of the storm. "This storm has to end sometime! We've beaten worse than this!"

The crew holding on tight to the sides of the ship, tied to the railings should one of them be thrown overboard, "The ship can't handle this degree of punishment captain! She'll break apart if we get slammed around too much more!" replied the first mate. "We're all going to die up here if we stay in this storm! We need to descend captain!" Another powerful gust slams into the ship, cracking the hull with a sharp snap. 

© 2017 Domenic Stewart

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Added on June 30, 2017
Last Updated on June 30, 2017
Tags: unfinished, fantasy, fiction, steampunk, pirate, lastat, 777, story


Domenic Stewart
Domenic Stewart

Vancouver, WA

High-schooler that likes rock and metal. I am starting to get some new stuff put up so far, but it might be a while for anything to get finished. On my last year of highschool. Taken. :) more..