Where lies Heaven

Where lies Heaven

A Poem by Ethan Jobalia

A land there lies not far from here

Beneath the sea and sky

Where people smile ear to ear

And only songbirds fly

Some call it heaven, others not

But each man has a name

For the place where all draw longest lot

And all win every game

I’ve heard nirvana, it’s been called

This place beyond the stars

No gate is raised no city walled

No man lives behind bars

In this place of perfect life

Where trouble has no hold

How can men live devoid of strife

How can each man have their gold

For first of all to each their own

Trash is treasure too

Each man has his utopia

That to him is all too true

And men of different build or breed

Will see this as a curse

As hell for them against their creed

Will see it all the worse

But lo because a question still

Has yet to be spake of

Shall every man be that city on a hill

Or does hate abound with love

Can any man deemed wholly pure

Be given paradise all

And what of beggars and thieves so sure

Do they wait on beck and call

Nay each man is his own hero

Each man thinks he’s true

Save me from the pits below

Which are reserved for you

So no do not please ask of me

To give you words of god

For heaven and perfection be

Well within the sod

The Earth she holds my heaven dear

She holds it for her own

And e’ry man both far and near

Owes her this one loan

And problems maybe run amok

With seeming hate and lust

Without these things there is no luck

All iron turns to rust

So do not ask me if I think

That all that’s bad must be

For good and bad are but one link

In a larger tapestry

And no I cannot end this here

Nor may you end that there

This poem and life I both hold dear

And woes are but a dare

© 2020 Ethan Jobalia

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Added on October 19, 2020
Last Updated on October 19, 2020
Tags: Moral, Heaven, Life, Death, Philosophy


Ethan Jobalia
Ethan Jobalia


A new writer just looking to improve my work more..

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