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This true event happened in the early 1970's.


Date today10/7/2012



It was late evening around  9.30 pm, my daughter was safely tucked up in bed, I was sitting in the lounge lost in thoughts, when suddenly I became aware of movement from the corner of my left eye,  three circles of pure bright light were just hovering about 12 inches from the ceiling, pulsating, they were about 12 inches in circumference, not knowing how to re-act to this phenomana, I decided to wave at the circles, saying I can see you, not sure why you have appeared to me, or your reasons, I will go to the kitchen make a cup of tea, and see if you are still here when I come back into the lounge.


When I returned, the three circles were still there in the same place and still pulsating, I sat there just watching  them, then said,"it is getting very late I am tired  and ready for my bed, come to me in my dream time, please, I said goodnight," turned off all lights, and went into a very deep sleep.


Night Dream. later in my deep sleep state, I found myself in a very large hall, empty, with only one wooden type kitchen chair, I stood there just looking around me, when I saw hovering above this single chair, just one circle of pure white pulsating light, a voice said out of somewhere. "Well sit down down then" which I did, the voice then said look up, which I did, with that the circle opened from the middle right back to the edges, and showed the most beautiful angelic face I have ever seen, I just said ooooooooooooh, so again the voice said to me "Well ask me something then" okay I said, "What is your name"?.

"My name is Jehosaphus", well that is how it sounded to me, so I said, "But you look to  beautiful and feminine to be a male", then I got up and started dancing around the chair so happy saying "I can see I can see", "Yes said Jehosaphus, but you must never become pompous arrogant or think that you are better than anyone else, you have work to do, with that I woke up, feeling very happy, thinking  that this work must be coming,  sometime in the future. The end of this very true event, which happened sometime in the early 1970.s.










© 2012 moonbeam40

Author's Note

This is a true account.

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Was this when you first started to have your visions?

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive. did they come to you in your dreams?

Posted 9 Years Ago

You have the date as September 7th - this is in the future? Can't wait to see if they are still there.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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