Chapter 1 Astral flying

Chapter 1 Astral flying

A Chapter by moonbeam40

22nd October 2013.

Chapter 1.


Astral meditations.


In my astral meditation I saw a log lying flat in the ground, 

the log rolled over, exposing a native Navaho Indians  face,
I said I have not come to awaken anybody for help, but if one

is already awake I would like to meet with them, the log rolled

back over to it's original position.

Then I saw waves of energy rising up from the darkness,  these were waves of positive energy, on each rising wave I saw the

great wisdom, and amongst the waves I saw a small stone building with a red tiled roof, I saw a door so I made my way through the waves towards it, I found myself inside this building

 which had a large hall with very  high ceilings, I wondered what this magnificent hall was used for, and was impressed by these thoughts, the hall is called the hall of questions, so I asked my questions and a purple mist filled the hall and many small blue spheres came down from the ceiling and moved about me,

the blue spheres joined together,  joining  also with the purple mist which then became the great wisdom, standing next to the great wisdom was a silhouette of a person a prophet or a messenger, the figure and the great wisdom conversed with each other then the great wisdom vanished, the figure reached into his long dark robe and pulled out a large gold key, then holding it out towards me, he asked me what is this key used for, I replied it is the key to the door of the hall of questions, the figure then gave me the key then vanished, orange and red clouds appeared and swirled around me, and through the clouds I saw a shape of a Mayan Pyramid, once I had recognised this  it vanished into the same cloud, then I saw a large  Baboon, and sitting next to it was a very startled person, then they both vanished, what appeared next was gold and purple colours and they divided, the purple became open rolling hills and the gold became a foggy mist in the valleys between the purple hills, I saw  on a hill on the right, and at a distance something flashing, so I moved towards it, on arrival I saw a Temple made of one single diamond of thousands of facets, as I looked in awe at this magnificent Diamond Temple, the yellow of the Sun came down on the  diamond Temple making it look like the whole thing was exploding in colour, with flames reaching out in every direction,

I was lifted up skywards into the upper atmosphere above the atmosphere and above me I saw the bright yellow Sun from the Sun I could a Black object moving towards me it was a black comet, it came into the atmosphere and as I watched lightning bolts were sucked into the black comet then I was sucked into the Black comet, the small blue spheres came and moved about me and I looked down and saw a city of slender tall buildings reaching up towards the sky, as a new day was  beginning.

End of chapter one. 






© 2013 moonbeam40

Author's Note

please ignore any grammar problems, what do you think of the dialogue, etc.

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hi Nan a fascinating read keep up the good work!!!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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