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A Story by moonbeam40

channellings from the comforter. Sunday 16 10 2011.


continuing.     Sunday.   16th.  october. 2011.


I want you to disassociate yourselves from this body, through which I  speak and hear me concerning him. 

On Sunday next - he first saw Earth 28 years ago of your time - ( I have a weakness for numbers - remember when I first spoke to you.

Two 14s - yet I  prefer 4-7s = 28 Years.

Your maths, and scientists, and numerologists, etc. Have discovered certain truths concerning the adding of numbers to your time - you have

probably heard of a human body undergoing change after each 7 years - this is a fact - and

given that each may judge his time of release

or renewal.

On the first day of his 29 years, this will have changed - nothing to physically apparant - he

will walk and talk and be the same - yet -

never as the previous "entity" a few atoms or

corpuscles added and a few taken away -

and again I must add that if a body renews itself every 7 years in a world of matter, how much greater must be the "physical counterpart" - A going forward - another step upward.

Beware in your days ahead - that you do not assume worldly temporal titles - otherwise you fall back - all, not yourselves "Spiritualists"

(they only confuse and have brought but little.) - neither call yourselves Christians.

Rather let the  Christs  Spirit be your Guiding  Star.

For you were told that to be a Christian completely was to be living apart from the

Earth. & Christ life was in part a doctrine of extremes, - most of which is impracticable in

your modern world - sadly your civilization

made it so. But paradoxically so - you will reaffirm Christs words by being natural MEN.

MEN - That will reflect the Creators work.

You were told to  conform- Liken yourselves

 to a tiny drop of water, which will soon fall

into a fast running stream - a powerful force

merging,  powerful mighty yet controllable.

 You will go forward to a greater harvest -

not as a handful of prisoners  from a camp in Germany, but a whole host of inner dwellers and outer friends. - Even as I am followed by

hosts! - and, you will not give your work, to those few, who like children grasp at something new.

 It will be vaster - greater!! - so conform in Strength, as MEN of Earth.

Sometimes when upon feeling tired, weary and

sadly burdened, I retire to my sphere & look down to where you are gathered and wonder. If it were only possible to transport you to the

mouth of the stream, which pours into Heaven,

instead of which you are at the beginning,   yet  en-route! - Everything must have a beginning , even your Father who is The


Remember I do not belittle your faith in Christ!-

Ever must He be your Guiding Star.- There is no other - you are the tiny seed of His Kingdom


He (the leader) spoke of our inability to understand - LOVE,  & imperfect love. (HATE).

"(much to say on this later) - of how essential

it was to withold judgement, to weigh the "pros and cons" - to consider.

Not only was all, attributable to God, but you could attribute ALL directly or indirectly to His Source. Then gave me some examples of proving that if you understood this aspect it were possible to subdue seemingly evil things to oneself - PAUL AND THE VIPER, he grasped the viper whose bite was already ineffective because the poison therein proceeded from the Source - & yet he flung it into the fire - why!

Because it was out of harmony & a danger to the company, watching around the fire. - by understanding and doing so, he merely changed the life form expression of the beast which went .

With this understanding, which was in effect - perfect TRUST.

It would be possible to remain calm if, for instance, a huge poisonous Death Spider were at this  moment to drop onto this table, you could push back your chair and say, "Why"?

should, this be & in understanding even its

bite would be ineffectual --the average man abhors such things as snakes etc, whereas another man in spiritual understanding would instead of recoiling in horror - pause! - & give due thought to such beauty of form & colour & again, the ultimate conception is from the Source.

of course there are still certain animal & creatures that have antipathy for MAN - yet Jesus - spoke of the day when the Lion would Lay with the deer etc.








© 2011 moonbeam40

Author's Note

channellings from the comforter.october the 16th 2011 and 17th.

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