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MARCH 14TH 2012.  FEBRUARY 1995.


Who do you seek?

Isaac Newton.

I am Charles Lamb, I wrote many essays, about the great fire of London, and the Plague, your interest in poets and litery people drew me to you.

Hello Charles, I am Louisa, do you know Isaac Newton?.

Not really, but I will see who is here.

Hello I am Isaac Newton, most of the people named on your list, were not believed in their lifetime, when they informed others, about their unusual ideas, purported to have come from the supernatural.

I am surprised Albert Einstein is not on your list, he developed my early formula, and derived that, which I aspired to find.

Time travel will come, the main factor that is worriesome, is the placement of two molecules, of the same degeneration , occupying the same space at the same time, giving that time is a constant factor.

Is Albert there with you now?

Not at the present moment, but we do have enormous conflagurations, and discuss our theories at great length, his wife has a greater grasp of the laws than him, let the laws as we know them be taught, but they will be broken soon, and phycisists all over are to become bewildered, as the Universe is not constant.

Isaac, why did you refuse the last rights on your death bed?

I think this question is hilarious, at least I am in good company.

The reference to the latter, is the Blood of Jesus, which was purported to have been placed in a goblet, which he drank out of, at the passover, which later became known as the Holy Grail.

Also note, the passover service, was about blood of the marked doors, so that the Angel, would not kill the inhabitants, but would pass over them instead.

As for the sacriments, I did not believe in the mumbo jumbo, of the sacriments, but I did prove, that a body could move, by equal pressure, as I told you earlier, about Albert Einstein.

I know that this does not encroach on spiritual matters, but theSoul will, if lived in good conditions, arise again.

Isaac, do you know what Century we are in now?

You are nearing the Millemium, and I am surprised, that no-one seems to have the brains anymore, they are all going to have a very rude awakening, what I mean is, we are The Geniuses of the Past.

Crystals give out electrical impulses, you have only put this to minor usage, I think that,  what you call quartz , and Laser for instance, however watch out for a very clever young man, who will have a major breakthrough very shortly.

I suppose that with the recent discoveries, modern tools are being prepared, which you can work with, and from these tools, the important work will follow.

Now that I have been re-introduced to you, into your lives, the question arises, will you now take the trouble, to read upon great achievements.

History cannot be hurried, first find the tools, then men of substance,  stamina, and reason, who will stumble, or so they think, on a new discovery. This comes close to our past recourse.

All Men mentioned on your list, studied the Planets, and the Universe, from their own point in their lifes work,with scientific study, others with great revelations, and in other ways, Artistically,  musically, or Litery.

I will come again  if you wish,







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I enjoyed the thoughts of Issaac Newton. The old wise men of our time saw the future. Today great men see the future and few can do much.
"Phycisists all over are to become bewildered, as the Universe is not constant. "
I believe man to control all thing will be his doom. Thank you for the word and thoughts of a great mind.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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