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Come  and join  myself and my travelling companion, on a jouney of Astral travellings, into the unknown of mystery and discovery, a journey to try and understand  why bad things happen to such nice people, to try and find out if there really  is  Retribution, for those who commit such evil atrocities, there is a great need to know if karmic justice really  does exist, this is the reason why, we both now board this white twelve seater Coach. Psychic Detectives  you may call us, we shall bring back to you as much  information, that we  can remember, by gathering as much as we can, including all images that we are able to, for your perusal. I now sit at the window seat, my companion  behind me, also at the window seat, we now have the same view, we start this journey by entering a tunnel, there is no driver on our Coach  but  this does not seem to worry us , we continue through this  tunnel which is wide enough for two Vehicles to drive side by side with enough room to spare in-between, and also on the  outer sides of both Vehicles, that is when we first  became aware of a brown Van coming up behind us, drawing level and  keeping pace with us, this brown Van  looks like a security Van, which would transport money around to various establishments, it is smaller in size to what we used to call the Black Mar'ia which used to be a Police Van, used  mainly for rounding up and arresting drunken louts, and shop lifters, that  was when crimes were just  misdemeaners, compared to the violence of  today , where drug dealers, murderers, shootings and gang rapes, stabbings,  and filthy Paedophiles, reign supreme, seems to be happening on a regular basis these days. We used to call the Black Mar'ia Van the hurry up Wagon.This brown Van had several narrow slits as windows which we were able to see through,  the Black Mar'ia as I recall had two  darkened windows in the back doors.   I Iooked through those slits of the brown Van , of what I would term windows,  and saw two Males sitting on a bench side by side, handcuffs were not needed, for  around those two Males necks, were curved iron bars,  which were fimly fixed on to the Vans wall, behind their heads "Oh my God, I said" look at those Men strapped to the Vans walls like that,"  they must have done something really evil  to be  strapped like that, it  would seem  that if they tried to move, their Adams Apple  would be pushed  right back into their throats choking them, but by being resticted in such a manner I assumed, would assure their driver  that they could not escape or attack him, we were later to discover,  that this was the first part of their journey, their destination being to a darker Dimension known as Hades, or the Under World, to the gates of Hell, where they would be handed over checked in  to await judgement  and punishment, they would then be sent to their appropriate place. 

We understood, by their terrified expressions, that  they knew, without a shadow of a doubt, where they were headed for, although not yet realising  that maybe they would be mixing with probably, far worse despicable undesirables, than they themselves were. We continued on  our journey still watching those men, who I swear could see us, we tried ducking down out of their sight, but curiousity got the better of us, so we dared to look again at them once more, we were very glad, it was not us, sitting on that Bench.

We finally came to the end of this tunnel. The Van turned left, our Coach turned right, we drove for a while longer then pulled over to what I would describe, as an L shaped one level building, a Matronly women came running towards us, shook our  hands, saying "follow me" we entered into the building and saw long tables laden with food," WOW" a

great Feast had been prepared for us"  The Matronly Woman said, "This is Part of your reward for persevering so far, well done,  after you have eaten  and rested,  another reward awaits you, look over there at those large wooden double doors,  you will, if you have passed sufficiently, be able to unlock those doors and view what is beyond them, I asked the Matronly woman, about the brown Van with the convicts in, "yes she said, they are headed to a Hell of their own making, at some point you will be able to visit there, protected of course, and view this Hell place for yourselves, now put that thought out of your minds, and follow me to those double wooden doors, "open them now, with your mind power." which I did, the doors opened slowly, and I was looking at the most breathtakingly  beautiful scenery ever seen by me,  it went on for ever, huge vast Shrubberies, Trees  deep lush green Grasses, wonderful Plants, beautiful colours everywhere, Hills , Canyons, Waterfalls cascading down the Mountain sides, Rainbows arching across the beautiful  clear blue Skies ."This will be  yours,  when your time has come, but for now, you must leave, and return home, we will meet again in future times". We said our good byes, got back on the coach, heading back with the information, that our next journey would be  to  view firstly a Great Hall known to some as The Akashic Records, then after that to view, the Hell of their own making, those two Males, had created for themselves, by their own bad actions,  bad deeds, bad thoughts, and causing

wickedness so intolerable. You reap what you sow.  Now if You, are of a similar nature, to those two Males, and do not wish to join them, turn Spiritual right now, no matter  how Deep the Bite, chances are, by you becoming a spiritual person, starting right now, you will start to lighten the colour of your energy Auric Field, ensuring a nicer  spiritual realm for you to enter upon the release from your physical flesh body.

  But know this, you will still have to pay the price of your karmic debts, after  all karmic debts  have been repaid by you, by the continual process of Birth, Death, and Re-birth,  Balance is then achieved. The chance then will be  for you to  move to a higher sphere of existence. But remember this also, your thoughts are living life force vibrational realities, which  leave  your body, through your Root Chakra, at  the base of your spine,  all your thoughts then, having entered into the Ether, become living life  thought forms of reality,  which then travel as far as they can, along the Universal level, until they can travel no further, gathering all like minded created thoughts along the way, sent out  by you  previously, then make their way back to you  their  Creator, embedding those thoughts in and around the Universal Substance which surrounds you . 

(You become your thoughts)." And create the colour of your Auric energy field, and spirit destination. There is no variation from the accumilation of all your Karmic debts. Their  is no variation from this  Cosmic Karmic Law.   End of part one.

 We then entered the vast Hall of Records, known to some as The Akashic Records, we stood there spellbound, the Hall was empty, apart from a very long table situated at the far end of the Hall opposite the opening to the Hall, sitting behind this  long table were five Males, they sat in the middle of the table,  central, looking very wise and full of authority, above them was a large plaque which read, Vengeance Is mine Sayeth The Lord I Shall Repay, they said nothing, were just watching  us,  we decided to slowly move to the very large wall, to their left, which was covered with  large steel  grey drawers, similar to  what you would see in a Morgue,  they were stacked from floor to ceiling perfectly, I tried counting them, but there were too many, I decided I would open the bottom drawer nearest to me, it was very heavy to open, but I managed to open it enough to know I was looking out at the Universe," Close that drawer right now", said the Male, sitting in the middle with the other four sitting, two either side  of him, you and your companion were allowed to take a brief look, into the lowest level drawer, for a purpose, this experience will stay always in your mind , knowing now,  without a doubt, that there Is more than only one life term, on your Earth Plane, why would their be a need for such records if this were not so?  whenever you feel the need, you may return to this Hall, but you must always wait and ask  for permission before you can  open those steel Grey drawers  again, now before you leave this Hall, I will tell  you this, all of those large steel grey drawers hold all the information of everything in existence from the beginning of time Past Present, and are known as The Akashic Records, and are ever evolving, from a beings Birth to their release the actions of all are recorded 

 and stored therein, to be viewed and judged, when said being is called  to appear, before the Highest Panel of Judges, to explain their actions. after that, the said person is sent to their allotted place, the colour of their Auric Robe,  draws that person,  to the appropriate opening of their new residence, where all like minded souls dwell, hence the saying, like attracts like, the lighter the Auric Robe of a spirit, will denote a lighter plane of existence in the spiritual  realms , and vice verca, there is no escaping the collective karma of each existence, you reap as you sow.

Clemency comes when all Karmic debts are repayed. 


 We were now on our way to view the Hell of their own making, those two Males had made for themselves, who had travelled in that brown Van along side  of our Coach in that tunnel, we eventually arrived and stopped outside huge padlocked steel grey gates, we took to be the entrance to Hades at that point we could not see any Hell fire, Sulpher, or Brimstone, in fact it was very very quiet, eerily quiet, suddenly, we heard a voice, looking around we could not see anyone, and was wondering where this voice was coming from, " You are not allowed to enter those gates, a room has been perpared for you to view all you wish to find out, we entered into a room, full of moniters,  " I leave you now for a while, search all you like, I will come to fetch you at the allotted time.  There was a large Plaque on the wall. Saying, AND DEVILS CREPT INTO FLUID MINDS AND MINGLED THERE UNCHECKED. We started searching through those Monitor screens, where the condemned Souls were transported to, andcould see some souls were of varying shades of dark, the darkest through to the lighter shades of the darkest greys through to the 

the darkest blackest Auric  Souls, would never  ever  be allowd to re-incarnate back into human form,  for their crimes were so bad, ugly, even inhuman, they were destined to stay in there, sealed in  forever.  Some souls were just wafting around  moaning, wishing that there was some way they could leave there, some were cursing threatening revenge  if they ever got released, we could not recognise anyone it was too dark, we stayed in that room viewing for a very long time, then decided it was time to leave as it as far too depressing to be there any longer, we called for the Voice asking "where was all the Fire and Brimstone, " as depicted in our Epic Movies,." Came this reply  from the Voice, "The more evil the spirit, the darker  his Auric Robe becomes, that Spirit will be drawn towards the place, the Realm, which matches his Aura. Fire ulpher and Brimstone being firmly fixed into their consciousness, because they expect it to be there, it will be there.  People who try to play God, by creating artificial intelligence creating non human  beings called Clones, also those who have created Drones, who have took it upon themselves to modify Gods Creation, Nature, they will also be drawn  to certain levels of Hades, all these people are damned and destined to enter in Hades, until the Final Battle, between the Haves of Spirit, and the Have nots of Spirit.   and destined to end up here, until the last battle starts.There are many levels here, the more evil the soul the lower the level,  which  will become, their allotted place, there is a certain level for Paedophile Priests, who knowingly took on Holy Orders in order to  abuse  sexually, mentally, and physically, young children,  they are the most contemptable people in the eyes, even of the most dangerous Souls in Hades.   enough information  for you now, you may return later when you wish to to seek further information, we thanked the Voice, the guardian of the Gates, then headed towards our Coach,  boarded it, sitting down gratefully, trying to remember, all we had seen, discussing it all, until we reached our home destination at this point my companion decided to have a rest, we said our goodbyes, and decided to meet up again at a later date.


Part Three.  I realised I was Astral travelling, through  flying, the through air effortlessly, viewing  all around me , upwards and downwards, then suddenly before my very eyes, swooping up towards me very rapidly, were lots of, what I could only describe, as small round white clouds, all going in the same direction following each other, some were laughing, some were crying, some shouting "yippee we are free,"  I was   spellbound, I just knew that a major disaster of some kind, had just happened on the Earth plane, the result being all these souls were now released out of their physical bodies,  and on their way to their allotted place, this was explained to me,  that the white round clouds which were laughing crying and yelling in glee, were in fact ,  their souls their secondary body,  made of a finer essence  and now immortal,  as energy cannot die, hence the neccessity for all levels of existences, to house like minded souls, it was explained, that, when the physical body dies, the Brain dies with it, however the mind with all the memories goes with the secondary finer body  essence. I decided  to see where they were going, so  was following them, suddenly this very authoritive voice stated very firmly "Go back you are not dead"! I was very annoyed about that, I  have a natural curiousity, wanting to see where they were going, 

their Soul colour was  a nice  shade of light, I just knew, understood, they were going to  arrive some place like a Spirit Hospital, to rest and understand that they no longer had a physical flesh body, quite a lot for a spirit to take in, however  the Healing  m Ministries of the Spirit Realms are always ready at hand, to gather recently released souls, and are there to help them, to exlain to them what had happened to them, that projected their spirit body, so quickly out of there physical bodies. War, traffic accidents  murder, they would understand, and adapt, to their new surroundings, and finer essence bodies, glad to be away from the Earth Plane as it is now,   great healing takes places and with it comes total understanding and happiness, more on this later.   





First Image.

I was shown a single Hand with at least two inches of lower arm attached to the hand, this hand could belong to a dressmakers dummy, what  we call it, or  a model used for clothes, for  display purposes. in shop windows, the hand, could be an attachment, part of the model.


Second Image.

Was of a young female, tallish and slimmish, and holding a silver  sword like weapon,  this was a long slim weapon, she was holding, it tapered to a point, even though  she was holding it at waist level,  it reached up in front of her face, she appeared very agitated, it looked like she was enclosed in a glass case,  the glass case was quite taller than she was, there was enough room for her to move around in it, she was marching up and down with the sword held in  front  of her face, as if she was about to  perform  a ceremony  of some kind.




I was standing at the beginning of a short street,

on the left hand side, was what looked like stone walls,  which were terricotta in colour, they were definatetly not made of bricks, and  were in sections, slight gaps in between each one, they had what I would term, a  ripple like effect, long wise, I am assuming their were bungalows behind these terricotta coloured walls, although I could  not see if there were buildings there or not, these walls were stunning to look at, then suddenly I saw an outstreched arm appear, about the third section  along, just an arm, no body attached to it, that I could see, this arm was held straight outwards, palm facing towards me, and it certainly was making sure I saw it, as it was waving slightly up and down, I started to walk towards this outstreched arm reached it, then I woke up with a start. I have never seen walls like this before, certainly not in England, more later on this.

April 24th 2012.


Fourth image.

It looked like it was evening time, darkened skies,

there was a very long  orderly line of people, who seemed  to be very subdued, apart from a group of four people , nearer to the beginning of this line  they were making a noise, so I moved towards them, there were older people, and among them a younger Male, aged I would guess about 18-30 he was very agitated,  they were pushing him, and alling him a Murderer, suddenly I could see a spirit person, not sure of the gender could be either Male or female, but this spirit person was being joined to the body of this very agitated  young Male, I am assuming, and I do not know, that this is a process, of the beginning of their re-birth to this physical Earth Plane, so again, it is my impression, that karma would be enacted by these two beings, how that would work itself out I do not know. I am going to leave these images for awhile, and continue with  The spirit realms. 


Again, I am looking at a long line of people, in an orderly queue, but this image is in daytime, there is a tunnel,  a very powerful Being , is by the entrance to this tunnel, it would appear that, it is this Beings duty, to direct these people into this tunnel, some went into this tunnel without question, and  were not too worried about entering it, however there was a very frightened and  agitated youg Male, knowing I assume, that this was pay back time, this young Male is the same one, in the night time queue, and  was trying his hardest not to enter this tunnel,  he was very worried about this,  the thought of it terrified him, this then entered my mind, that this is the process, of Re-incarnation, back to the Earth Plane, to work out karmic debts, then this very powerful being, pointed his forefinger at him, then pointed his finger towards the entrance of this tunnel, and into the tunnel the  young Male disappeared, I am guessing, the night time queue, of orderly people, were the same people, who were also destined to enter this tunnel of return, as I have termed it, a lot to think about, more on this later.

 I will periodically return to each swction adding on more information relevant to that section.




of both vehicles,

© 2012 moonbeam40

Author's Note

these are my descriptions of my astal travellings.

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Interesting dream images, I wonder what the arm means. The tunnel and the reluctant young man are interesting. I hadn't thought about people being forced to come back like that.

Posted 8 Years Ago

A disturbing view of the gates of hell, Moonbeam, I couldn't help but feel sorry for those poor souls. Your description of Heaven is as I imagined it. And your traveling companion...

Posted 9 Years Ago

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ESSEX, CLACTON, United Kingdom

Western zodiac sign Gemini, Eastern Zodiac I am The Metal Dragon. Born June 7th 1940, was evacuated until 1947, when war ended 1945? Born in Hornchurch Essex although I am not in any records? Many st.. more..


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