The Killing Day

The Killing Day

A Story by moonlight-am-i

Today was a rather irregular day, regarding what our days are usually like. When I woke up, I could hear the horrible sound of children screaming. Parents yelled out for their kids to stay inside and asking God how he can let this happen. That was a good question. Why god, why?! This shouldn't happen, it's inhumane.

Today of all days was the Killing day. It started two years ago; a gaping hole released the Demon Lord Van Helsing. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Van Helsing came out of hell with his demon powered motorcycle. He stood 6 feet tall; his short black hair covered his blazing red eyes.

All of the people in town and I ran outside to see what was going on. Van Helsing got off his bike and said, "I am the almighty half Demon Lord Van Helsing. I have come to reap the soul of the living. You have until midnight to hide and try to stay alive."

"And what if we don't", said a loud manly voice.

I turned to see Simon, the tough guy that lived next door.

"Well if you don't, you die and rest assured it will be my pleasure to kill you."

"Please. You wouldn't dare! You think you're so high and mighty but you're just a dirty demon."

That was the last words that Simon had ever spoken. Van Helsing took his long sword from behind him and raced for Simon. His sword wasn't like any other sword I had ever seen. The sword glistened in the light of the hot sun. It had a beautiful decor of skulls. With one swift move, Simon's head was flying in the air, blood pouring everywhere.

The townspeople said nothing they only gave a look of true fear.

I will never forget that day. That day the world was never the same. After two years, I had enough. I wasn't just going to stand back and watch the people I care about die. This was the year that I would finally take out that son of a b***h.

When I got to the center of town I could see all the terrifying dead bodies on the ground. My body shook with fear. Could I really do this or would I just fail. No! Running isn't an options, I have to do this. Van Helsing stood by the old abandoned City Hall. He was holding a 10 year old boy by his neck. Little boy Max, I thought to myself. He had the look of pain in his eyes. Helsing cut the boy's neck wide open and tossed his body to the side.

I couldn't stand the sight of this. Van Helsing had to die! I saw him smiling out to me. How could he be smiling after what he just did? I run for him, my blade in my hand. Before I knew it.... damn!

I was on the ground a sharp pain in my back. A warm pool of blood formed around me. "I'm so sorry I..."

© 2013 moonlight-am-i

Author's Note

i hope you like this i know my writing isn't that good

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Whoa o.o this is a pretty tough story. I enjoyed it, although for some reason some things seemed a little stiff. Idunno why.

Posted 6 Years Ago

That was brutal and unexpected but I love your style of writing. I also like to write pretty violent and demonic stuff too, we share a trait. Keep it up. Are you going to continue this story about Van Hellsing? Very dark and twisted

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like your style. It's suspenseful. But what's a demon powered motorcycle?

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on April 17, 2013
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